“Knockaround Guys”

prattThis being my first blog (whew, just made it before the end of the tax year), I wanted to address a current Mets need. I hear the talk of Manny, Lowe, Ollie, O-dog, etc., but what THIS  team could use – are a few “knockaround guys”. This is a harristerm that my father always uses to describe, not necessarily a tough-guy, but someone that’s a blue collar take-no crap type of guy. The guy when you are merging into traffic, and he lets you go, you respond with a brief head nod (also, the guy that you should let merge in front of you, even if it’s at the last second).


Given the Phillie bantering, after winning the DAMN World Series and complaining about the Mets “excessive” celebration, and their need to talk about the Mets over and over and over again- I believe we need a couple of “knockaround guys” to keep things in check next year. This would help this immensely talented team get over the hump, giving it the true swagger it needs. Guys like Todd Pratt, who was a gritty player that was so happy to win that he single-handedly changed a grand slam to a “well you know”. Lenny Harris, that literally scared Piazza. Finally, Kevin Mitchell, that made two guys on drugs petrified. Guys like these three might help the hypocritical Phillies keep their mouths shut. Who would you pick?

posted by Gene Anthony


9 responses to ““Knockaround Guys”

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  2. I would take a guy like Kevin Mitchell on my team every time. It’s too bad the game isn’t the way it used to be and Mitch could be out there brawling his way into our hearts. Could you see Jimmy Rollins running the other way when Mitch made his way out onto the field?

  3. I was always partial to Dennis Cook. If guys on the other team were chirping or acting up, you could bet he’d be buzzing somebody when he entered the game.

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