Thank God


This was just a really bad idea. 

I’m glad management came to its senses and avoided putting this lazy multi-millionaire in the new Citi Field outfield.   It’s been very difficult for me to deal with management’s silent, but deadly stance against Manny Ramirez and it would be totally hypocritical in my eyes to bring in this overpaid slug over the best right handed slug-ger in baseball history.


I’ll go deeper into the lack of spending in relation to total profit and need to maximize revenue streams later on, but for now I want to thank Omar for coming down from his holiday bender and hanging up on the Dodgers.  Now, he needs to liquor up Thurston Howell and his son and have them wake up with Manny sleeping in their bathtub.

posted by Nik Kolidas


One response to “Thank God

  1. Welcome guys…If it meant getting rid of Castillo, I might go for it, and I do not care if they give Ramirez 80 million a year, as long as it is no more than a two year deal. Give him 50 million a year, I don’t care as long as it is not more than two years.

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