“Scott, we’d love to sign both your players, but we needed to buy a second gold plated Duke Snider statue for the rotunda. The one in my bedroom got damaged.”

"Lovey, have you seen my teddy?

"Lovey, have you seen my teddy?

In the great NY tradition of Oddlot, The Dollar Store, Price Club, and food stamps, Mr. & Mr.s Howell are resisting pulling the trigger on the final steps to put the Mets over the top this year.  Captain Omar might very well win out (or deceive them for their own good), but at the moment, cold feet pitter patter their way around the new Citi Field.


Who do we need…Derek Lowe or Olle Perez?   My answer… we are the NY Mets.    We have two spots open in the rotation and two young arms that might need a break this year.  We need pitching.  As a fan of a team in the #1 media market in the world… do I want to hear about getting outbid by the Reds for Perez after we sign Lowe?    These owners own an Armani suit and love getting stains all over it.



“A Mets official termed it unlikely that the team would sign more than one starter from the group that includes Lowe, Perez and Wolf.”




“The Mets, currently ranked second with a value of $824 million, will also get a new stadium that should push their value close to $1 billion before long. Citigroup (nyse: Cnews people ), beleaguered by the housing market meltdown, is still planning to pay the Amazins $400 million over 20 years for the stadium’s naming rights.”



This is not including SNY

I need someone to explain to me what the problem is?  Why spend so much money to begin with when you’re not going to be aggressive with the final few pieces you need?

By the way…

can we please stop with the Fernando Tatis garbage? 


Posted By Nik Kolidas


6 responses to ““Scott, we’d love to sign both your players, but we needed to buy a second gold plated Duke Snider statue for the rotunda. The one in my bedroom got damaged.”

  1. Seriously though, you’re right. We have the money why not get 2 Starters out of Ollie, Lowe, Wolf?

  2. Forget Perez, does this team really need another inconsistent player? He is the most frustrating player the team had. Yes, the bullpen stunk, but you knew what you were getting.

  3. You’re totally correct, but he isn’t a bad #5 on a major market team. It’s not so much Olle or no Olle, it’s the fact that they might let money get in the way of what they want to do.

    If they don’t feel he’s the best #5 option, that’s fine. If they do, they shouldn’t get outbid by the Reds. Tim Redding isn’t exactly going to bring the house down.

  4. Let someone else have Perez as their fifth starter. He did great in the 06 playoffs, and in a few games against better teams since, but since, way too inconsistent, even in big games.

  5. Great job showing what a money making machine the Mets are. Amazins, Inc.

    If they won’t spend wildly on FA’s, fine. But what’s with cutting back on international signings last year?

    Why are we not overslotting in every damn round of the amateur draft? So we won’t hurt Selig’s feelings? The Red Sox have openly declared this for years, with the result that small markets are jumping in the game.

    Fucking Freddy Coupons!

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