Beltran to Sox…Good idea?


In the NY post this morning Joel Sherman mentioned the fact that the Red Sox are shopping around for a big bat that can play defense. 1 player that he said fits that criteria is Carlos Beltran. There is no chance of this actually happening, as Sherman said, but lets just play GM for a moment here. If we did trade Beltran to the Sox we would most likely get Ellsbury back as a replacement in CF. Ellsbury is a lot cheaper and younger but he is not the same player as Beltran is. He does not have the power Beltran has though he is more of a basestealer and hits for a higher average. Sherman mentioned Dice K as the other player the Mets could get back in this deal. As Sherman mentioned, the mets had interest in Dice K before the Sox signed him and he would be a great #2 to go behind Johan. This deal could also allow us to go after manny as we would dump a lot of salary by trading Beltran. The middle of the order would consist of Manny, Delgado, and Wright and the rotation would feature Santana, Dice K, Maine, and Pelfrey. This would seem like a good deal for both teams even though the chances of it going down are extremely remote.

By Tony Agnese


9 responses to “Beltran to Sox…Good idea?

  1. Good job! I’ll tell you this, as much as I get frustrated with Beltran, I wouldn’t want to kick him to the curb for Ellsbury and Dice K- there are better offers out there for sure. If the Mets could pull off Manny, with Carlos still out there (they’d almost have to in order to make up for the ground Manny couldn’t cover), I’ll love to see the season that he would put up offensively.

  2. I think the question here essentially is Manny, ellsbury, and dice vs beltran and a free agent pitch. Let’s say lowe for the sake of argument. On first glance this would make the better offensively and argualby get them a better #2 pitcher.

    Does it make them a better team though?

    Dice-K is notorious for control issues, and we have no idea how that will translate in the NL. while the AL is a better offensive league from a power standpoint, the NL is considered the more patient league. Lowe might be a better fit with his superior control.

    This would also weaken the team defensively. Ellsbury is nowhere near as good as Beltran, plus Manny can arguably be considered as bad if not worse than the Platoon. Ryan Church would be the only plus outfielder.

    We cannot forget that moving into Ciitfield we have no idea how the park will like or the winds will factor in. The mets need a guy like Beltran who is not only fast defensively, but is extremely good at reading balls off the bat, a reactive center fielder. This should not be taken lightly.

    While this idea intrigues me, i think the team is better served keeping Beltran, signing a free agent pitcher, and then looking at the free agent (Abreu, Burrell, Dunn) or trade market (Dye, others) for offensive help. Sometimes you don’t need a Lexus to get to your destination.

  3. Well I think that Ellsbury would be fine in CF. He is no Beltran but IMO he’s fine defensively. And though Dice K is a bit wild he’s “effectively wild”. Him next to Johan and Pelf would be great. Plus, who’s to say we couldn’t sign Lowe on top of that? If this deal were to happen (which it won’t) we would have a lot of money to spend. I could see us getting Perez or Lowe, though I think if this deal were to happen the Sox would sign Lowe to replace Dice K. I still don’t see a reason we couldn’t sign Perez though. Our rotation could look like this.

    1. Santana
    2. Dice K
    3. Perez
    4. Maine
    5. Pelfrey

    Not bad right?

  4. Let’s look at stats besides batting average for analysis…. it’s a borderline worthless stat. Compare Ellsbury and Beltrans OBP and SLG.

  5. I never said that Beltran wasn’t better. Beltran is a much better player, I was simply comparing the 2 players. And the 2 categories where Ellsbury will probably beat Beltran are batting average and stolen bases.

  6. Exactly – but who cares if his BA is better? It’s not a good statistic for determining a player’s value. OBP and SLG are.

    Ellsbury is a great defensive player but is not too good offensively. He is still young, but his BB% has not been very impressive. You’re right on though in saying Beltran is much better.

    Beltran was worth $29 million in 2008 according to the stat WAR (wins above replacement). Ellsbury was worth about $15 million, mostly due to his great defense.

  7. Yup, Beltran is a lot better in every aspect of the game. His defense, his power, his patience, he’s even a better base stealer though he does not run quite as often as Ellsbury. Batting average is not as important as OBP I agree with you. Plus Ellsbury’s batting average is not that much better, in fact last year Beltran had the better batting average.

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