MANNY: The Pros and Cons of ManRam & The Mets!



manny6manny1There has been quite the buzz among Metfans, who see an open leftfield position that could easily be filled by the available free agent slugger Manny Ramirez. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can sign a petition to get him to Queens:


My quick input, before I try to objectively note 5 pros and 5 cons to picking up Manny. I would love to have Manny on the Mets, but for a contract of NO MORE than two, I repeat, two years!!!! I view this exactly as I did with Rickey Henderson, he is worth the risk (all of which is personal and not skills related), but proceed with caution. Treat him like an Atlantic City trip, prepare for the worst and ride the fun as long as it lasts. manny3



       5 Pros


1. The dude can mash- plain and simple. He is perhaps one of the greatest clutch, two-strike, power hitters of all time.

2. Like Pedro, he is regarded as on outstanding teammate. Fans and management usually don’t see it that way, but his players love him (probably because of #3).

3. He will take all of the media pressure, as he has done in Cleveland, Boston, and LA, off of the other players. This would be huge for this team, as Beltran, Reyes, and Wright could “hide” and just play ball.

4. E-N-E-R-G-Y. He would bring a buzz to Citi (that sounds weird) that would be Piazza-like.

5. He has something to prove. Baseball, especially hitting, is an ego-driven enterprise, and when you make certain types of players (like Manny) prove something – they usually go off (see #1). Not all players are good in these situations, but Manny has proven that he is.

        5 Cons

1. He can “turn it on” and “turn it off”. This is what frustrates fans and management alike. When he is good he is real good, but when he is off, he is really off.

2. Defense. It sucks – he creates his own good plays, like John Franco used to save games.

3. He can be a distraction. If a team hits a slump and he is “off” (see #1), the Mets are in real trouble.

4. Socialization. As much as he could take the pressure off of younger guys, he could also be a bad mentor and example for players like Reyes and Wright.

5. Money, scratch, moulah, dough. He could cost 15-20 million a year easy, money that could be spent on a starter.  

I encourage your input.  

posted by Gene Anthony


30 responses to “MANNY: The Pros and Cons of ManRam & The Mets!

  1. It’s kind of silly to be making an issue out of something that’s not going to happen but while this topic is up there, Manny Ramirez is certainly not the direction for the New York Mets to go. This is a team that needs to get younger,commit to developing our young players and spend it’s excess money on pitching and not a player who is one of the worst examples of what is wrong with professional athletes in this day and age. Manny Ramirez on the New York Mets is blasphemy and it will be a wonderful day when we all finally get the link that lets us know that he’s re-signed with the Dodgers.

  2. Good points, but nothing is uncertain at this point. Your comments are exactly why I mentioned that it would be a short term signing, at best. I appreciate the feedback.

  3. great new blog. Manny is the Mets answer to the bat needed. I agree no more than 2 years.

  4. The guy is simply a GREAT hitter. When a guy of his caliber becomes available and you need a right handed bat how can you not go after him?

  5. I can’t imagine anyone that needed a bat, not going for him…the guys at mlb laid it out great. this is good as well pros/cons…pros greatly outweigh the cons…imo..

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  7. Good stuff. Agree overall, with a few quips.

    Does Manny have something to prove? I think he did when Boston traded him to LA … I don’t think he has anything left to prove. He’s won it all and done it all. The only time he’ll once again have something to prove is the next time he needs to sign a contract. There is a chance that initially he’ll feel so loved and compelled that he’ll want to earn his cash – but at some point, that magic will fade, and like a man who can’t last in any relationship, eventually his eye will wander.

    Off-the-field pressure: He’d have to face media pressure here unlike any he has seen before. Say what you will about Boston – it can be tough – but not as tough as New York. At a minimum you have Yankee shill beat writers going after all things Mets and Yankee-hating-journalists going after all things Yankees on a regular basis.

    Age: You never mentioned this one. It’s possible that he’ll get along with everyone, behave and give 100% effort … and still come up short as he closes in on 40.

  8. Sorry but you’re wrong about teammates loving Manny — at least not all of them. In Boston most of them wanted him out. I’m sure there are a few who didn’t mind him, but most didn’t want to put up any longer with his antics and attitude. That’s why Epstein had to pay another team to take Manny. He couldn’t even find a team that was willing to take him and pay his salary too.

  9. Um, yeah, how can one leave off age as a con? So far Manny has shown no big signs of a steep decline in offensive ability, but he’s at an age where it can come at any time. Not to mention an increased risk of injuries and slowing down on the basepaths and in the outfield.

    The cons/risks really seam to outweigh the benefits of taking on Manny.

  10. The teammate issue becomes just that when things go bad (in the end). Your point(s) is noted.

  11. This blog does not give much insight, and I think your numbers on signing Manny are off ($15-$20 million a year is more like $25 million per year, especially with only a two year deal).

    Anyone who watched the Mets last year knows that hitting was not the issue. While Delgado cannot really be expected to hit the way he did in the 2nd half of last season, the Mets still have a great offense. And I for one am excited about seeing David Murphy playing left field. He works the count and really knows how to hit. Every player in our lineup does not have to be an overpaid superstar. I’d rather keep my tickets to CitiField at $100 a game and not $125 a game if we have to sign Manny.

    Sign Lowe and let Murphy/Church/Tatis play the outfield.

  12. I sometimes call him Daniel Murphy – lol. I love the kid, let’s see how he does, if given the opportunity.

  13. @ Chris

    If you say Delgado can’t be counted on to hit in the 2nd half of last season again (which you can’t), how do you then say the Mets have a “great offense” in the same breath? Saying the Mets will have a great offense next season is like saying the Mets didn’t choke the last 2. Wake up.

    And yeah … who’s David Murphy?

  14. I think everyone who has posted saying the cons outweigh the pros are contradicting themselves. MC is right we could end up with 07 or 08 Delgado. We only had a small sample of Daniel Murphy, and while he was great in that time span, we don’t know how he will hold up over 162 games with deeper scouting reports. There’s very few guarantees of production outside of Wright, Reyes and Beltran and their numbes are pretty consistent up and down the board. Would NY been as upset with Wrights Averge with RISP if he had the RBI King Manny behind him? It would provide a much deeper, more balance, more potent lineup with Manny. Plus he wants to be in New York. Its his city, he wants to conquer it. And I wouldn’t worry about the glove we’ve seen worse in the Met’s outfield ala the Todd Hundley experiment. You have a gold glove center fielder and a gamer in right. I think defense in left can be sacrificed for 30+ Hrs, 110+ Rbis and a .315 or higher batting avg. Not to mention the affect on Wright with Manny batting behind him.

  15. No, I didn’t contradict myself. Manny’s cons far outweigh the pros IMO.

    Whether or not Wright, Reyes, Beltran or Delgado hit as expected is irrelevant. You can’t count on every player in every lineup on every team to produce every year, whether you’re talking about the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies etc etc. The Mets are no different.

    Signing Manny to a 2-year $45-50 million contract is a big risk. Period.

  16. David Murphy is a 1st baseman for the Rangers, I was hoping the Mets would trade for him.

    Its an unreasonable New York expectation to have an all star at every position. It didn’t work for the Mets in the early 90s and it didn’t work for the Yankees recently. The Yanks were good in the late 90s because they had clutch role players like Oneill, Brosius and Tino Martinez. Grabbing every overpaid superstar hasn’t worked for them. The Mets need guys who have the desire to play on their roster, not Manny.

  17. “David Murphy is a 1st baseman for the Rangers, I was hoping the Mets would trade for him.”

    LOL … yeah, surrrrrrre that’s what you meant.

    When was the last time the Mets won a world series … or got there for that matter? The image conscious approach of the Wilpons has really been working, huh?

    No one is asking for an all star at every position … don’t over exaggerate … everyone is talking about one player to add to a team of maybe 3 all stars. Adding Manny doesn’t even come close to putting an all star at every position. All it does is put a hitting machine in the middle of the lineup. All it does is give you a guy who takes the pressure off everyone in the line up. Most of all … all it does is give you a guy who ain’t afraid of anything, or afraid of winning, for that matter.

    The players on the Mets could use some help in that department.

  18. Chris: “The Yanks were good in the late 90s because they had clutch role players like Oneill, Brosius and Tino Martinez.”

    Once again, contradicting yourself. One of the Met’s problems last year was hitting in the clutch. And most people who know anything about baseball KNOW that Manny is one of the greatest clutch hitters of our generation. Imagine a lineup of Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Manny, Delgado, Church/Murphy, Castillo/Murphy, Schneider/Castro… Now that would be a fearful lineup…one that has protection built in all the way up to the 6th slot. The Mets would be foolish if he can be had for 2-3 years and dont sign him.

  19. As a business person, I cant help but decide why you wouldnt want Manny Ramirez?! If its stricly business, and you have to pay Manny a 3 year, 75 million year deal with a 20 million dollar option, lets look at the numbers. Will you make money?! And the answer is a resounding yes!!!

    Manny will pay for himself and then some. Manny to the Mets in July and the Mets would have wont he world Series and easily beat the Phillies, so lets no go there.

    Manny now and you have the greatest 1-6 in the National League and baseball. How many hispanics named Ramirez would buy a Manny Mets Jersey. TV Ratings? Ticket sales? Increased Wins? Other players that want to come to NY to win as well?

    Manny to Mets is like Pedro to the Mets in 2004. Sure, you are buying the name and it may be costly and break down in 2012, but the heck cares.

    NY is the Media capital of the world and we can afford it. I think noone was complaining about Manny when they won 2 world series championships in the last 4 years. And if he brings only 1 if not 2, then hes worth anything less than the $100 million he brings to the table.

    This guy is one of the greatest values pound for pound the baseball world has ever seen and he deserves to get paid. If mr unclutch Arod gets 28 million a year, heck Manny can say hes worth close to that for the next several years, regardless of that.

    Has anyone ever lived in Boston?! Its one of the most disgusting, miserable cities in the country and I dont blame Manny for wanting to leave.

    I think the Mets have been Moronic for the past 4 years anyway and slow and thats why they havent done shit. They havent won, because they are retarded and had guys named Heilman and Schoenweis and Glavine and countless other losers.

    God forbid, they sign a FUTURE HALL OF FAMER who helps them win a championship.

    I think the Mets wont sign Manny Ramirez and as usual, they wont win shit because of it. Hopefully, they sign him anyway and overpay and accidentally win a championship because of it.

  20. How they don”t to go for him is beyond belief. Pretty simple we need a righty and he may well be the best anyone under age 50 has ever seen.

    I still have hope they are going to get in last minute.

    Come on Omar!

  21. I find it hard to believe the Mets main problem was clutch hitting. You cannot go ahead 4-0 every game, watch your starter like Oliver Perez go 5 innings, then hand it over to the worst bullpen in baseball to give the other team a 6-4 lead and then blame it on clutch hitting. Just because the offense didn’t hit a homer in the 9th to make it 7-6 Mets doesn’t mean its an offensive problem.

    Any money the Mets have should be devoted to Derek Lowe at this point, and possibly Orlando Hudson. For the price of Manny, they could have Lowe and Hudson. Taking Castillo out of the lineup would be effective on its own. And right now the Mets have no viable 2nd base option. They have a viable outfield at the moment.

    I went to college in Boston as well, its far from the most disgusting, miserable city in the country. Its actually quite nice, and Fenway is the best ballpark location in the country. Manny was great for the Red Sox, but the guy was only playing for a contract last summer, I do not believe he will play for the Mets like he did for the Dodgers.

  22. I see little risk with a two year deal..We all know after two he wont be looking to hang up his, imo he will have to work it for the 2.

  23. Main problem was not hitting we all know what the problem was. With that said quite a lot of risp as well..right??

  24. Basically, I agree with everyone saying the Mets should get Manny. The pros far outweigh the cons.

    And to the person who said the Yankees won because they had clutch role players like Brosius, Oneill, etc. You are drinking the NY media kool-aid. The Yanks won with solid starting pitching, patient hitting throughout the lineup, and Mariano Rivera. Once they started buying superstars at every position what happened? Oh yea, they still went to the playoffs every year except last year. That seems pretty successful to me.

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