Calling all bats! Calling all 3rd starters! Call the GM of the Mets… first come first serve!

you want WHAT?

So, Derek Lowe wants 16 Million Dollars a year.

16 Miiiiiiiilllllion dollars.

I have to admit being torn on this one boys and girls. I’m usually the first one to jump all over the Howells for not going to extra mile to win, but Scott Boros has a solid pair of nuts asking for that much money for a pitcher on the back nine of his career.

It’s not so much the money alone… it’s the fact that it’s holding the team from doing anything further to improve. Last year, they were slow and methodical all winter and it brought us Santana, no bullpen and horrid bench. You can argue that Johan was worth the sacrifice, but Derek Lowe? Seriously?

“I don’t think they (the Mets) are going to get him,” one baseball source said.”

Good… let him go rot in Washington. 

Come Fee Fee... we need to meet Muffin and Flip Flip at the Club!

If I were Omar, I’d be burning up the phone trying to trade for an arm. Shoot high for Roy Halladay or Lowe-er for any 3rd starter type. Make it very public and tell Boras that if they don’t take a reasonable deal by the time you make a trade, it’s off the table. In this case, I might overpay in talent a bit as it lets you move on with your off-season.If you make a deal, then use the Lowe money on offense (I can’t see past Manny, but just please get any bat into the bottom of the order).

Man I could really go for a pillow fight about now!

Honestly, the bottom 3rd of the order is our glorified backup catcher brigade (No Hit Schneider, the fat Castro and the ridiculously fat Cancel), our rich fat & sloppy second baseman and let’s say for the sake of argument… John Maine with a bat. That’s a little bit of a problem that Omar needs more than a week to fix (Especially since.. once again, The Howells are clearly afraid that Manny will start living in their pool house if he’s signed)


posted by Nik Kolidas


2 responses to “Calling all bats! Calling all 3rd starters! Call the GM of the Mets… first come first serve!

  1. Nobody other than the Mets has even made an offer for Lowe. Why should the Mets raise there offer any? Omar is playing this perfectly…

  2. Lowe, believe it or not, might be worth the $16 mil. Despite his age he had the 2nd best season of his career in 2008. Also, groundball pitchers age much more gracefully that strikeout pitchers and Lowe is the 2nd best groundball guy in baseball to Brandon Webb.

    Mets should go as high as 3 years, $45 mil if another team steps in with a bid. Wolf and Ollie aren’t even close to Lowe.

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