Can You Go Home?

wig4nadyIt appears as if Jason Giambi is heading back to Oakland. 


This brings up something that I have been pondering for over a week. – can a MLB player go home?  Many sport fans have players that they absolutely loved on their team that they have dreamed about coming back.  If you follow internet forums, like, which I (and other founding members of this blog) have posted on for years, Xavier Nady is certainly on that list for Mets fans.  The Xman, who now resides in Hell, provided many glimpses of greatness in just over a half a season with the Mets.  In fact, if Dirty had not been so anxious to hook up “food” in South Florida, Nady might still be in the Mets’ outfield (though that trade did bring Oliver Perez), and the Mets might have won a championship or two.  Another player on that list, that IS currently available, is Ty Wigginton, the guy that preceded D-Wright.  Wiggy was a gritty, hard-nosed, “knockaround guy” (see below post), that fans loved.    


When we conjure up these thoughts of bringing a player “home”, it makes me think – are there success stories?  That is, are there examples of MLB players that have come back to a team that have done very well the second time around, or are we trying to pick up the prom queen on our 20 year reunion?  Personally, I was elated when the Mets brought back Lee Mazzilli in 1986, and maybe he was great (in his own way).  Staub was certainly excellent as a pinch hitter as well during his second tour.  Seaver, well it just wasn’t the same, even though the Mets should have kept him for his 300th win.  What I would like to hear are examples of guys that “lit it up” the second go-round (for any MLB team) – help me out.


BTW, if this site does not provide me with more money and 2009 luxury boxes, there are two other sites, per Boras, that have expressed “interest” in my services.  A rumor, and it is just that, is that it might be Matt or Adam .


posted by Gene Anthony



2 responses to “Can You Go Home?

  1. Damn the Mystery blog! I know what’ll happen…. A third unnamed blog (like The Jose Valentin Experience) will sign you to a 3 year deal.

    I offhand can’t think of a lot of homecomings where a player had success, left and then came back to have success again… but if we’re speaking from an organization standpoint, then Curt Shilling with Boston is probably the best example. It’s too bad David Cone II and Tom Seaver III didn’t work out.

    Other disappointing favorites I remember are Kevin McReynolds II and Hubie Brooks II

    Speaking of X-Man, he was a really good Met, but unfortunately is now lobotomized by the devil. If he ever came back, we’d have to send him to a therapist and Japanese bathhouse for a year before entering $itiField. Wiggy I doubt wants to sit on our bench… but I’d be excited to see it.

  2. Will let the hell comment pass.

    First thing this morning the heart of the NY Mets fan base stuck this in my face to read.

    Being a Yankee fan for 50+ years the only time I have even seen anyone “come home” and shine was Bobby Mercer.

    Nice work.

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