Enjoy 4th place

Wheres everybody going?

Where's everybody going?


This is kind of a fun read if  memories of the late 90’s Mets teams give you heartburn.

Chipper, Who Hates Players Who Talk, Keeps Talkin’…. And Hates The Braves

Nice to know his mind is 15 games out





Thanks to the always great MLB Trade Rumors for the link

posted by Nik Kolidas


One response to “Enjoy 4th place

  1. Poor Larry. Makes me laugh, “for what, a couple million dollars” – they guys are in outer space. Glavine is going to be lost – went back to be with his cuddle buddy John (to golf and hang with) and now he is gone – couldn’t have happen to a better couple of guys. If only Brian Jordan was still on the team to feel the brunt of this.

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