I aint’ got Noooooo money honey!

Hey... didn't the Romans build pyramids too?

Here is a little food for thought. Honestly, I’m not sure how this changes anything about the off season, but I’m interested to get some feedback from someone NOT writing a post at 7AM. A lot of people were worried about money the Howells might have lost to the world’s greatest used car salesman and how it might effect the Mets. I know I know…. it’s shocking to see that someone other than the Mets marketing department was stealing money from Mets ownership. Madoff must have come after them with a catchy slogan (like “Catch the Rising Funds”) and maybe a signed Cookie Lavagetto jersey.

Hey... you're not Fred!

Well, not so fast. Lately, there’s been speculation that our fearless owners might not have lost what we all feared and this morning we find a fascinating tidbit from Fox News talking about how some long time investors actually profited from Madoff’s stolen funds and don’t know how to proceed going forward for fear of the government taking some of it back. Either way… you have to love the good karma filtering through $itifield from the start.

On the baseball front, Mets Geek has an interesting perspective, wondering if Omar has done all he can analyzing and anticipating this years market. I tend to agree, but we’ll know for sure once the dominos have all fallen.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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