Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Mets Sign Redding

The Mets signed their second highest paid starter today for 2.25 million dollars – Tim Redding.  To me, this is a good and safe one-year deal.  In many ways, this reminds me of another 30 year old starter that the Mets took a chance on that was not a big strike out guy, gave up hits, some homeruns, but kept his team in the game. This guy later went on to put it all together and be one of the better, if not the best, Met starters – Rick Reed. 




While I admit, he is no Lowe (who I still think that the Mets will get – all it will take is a Bon Jovi recorded presentation and $1 more than the Braves), Redding is a good move for the following reasons:


  1. The current sure starters are Santana, Pelfrey, and Maine – that’s it. In actuality, the Mets need two starters.  Redding was essentially the “Ace” of the last-place, no run scoring Nationals, but he did win 10 games. That’s the same number as Maine and just three less than Pelfrey. Who knows what will happen with a team that scores runs and plays defense.
  2. The Mets are really not sure what they have in Pelfrey and Maine. Pelfrey had a very solid season, but he has yet to truly prove himself, while Maine is coming off an injury.
  3. The deal is only for one-year and almost nothing (don’t tell the rest of America) financially.  In many ways, this reminds me of “chances” that successfully run  teams, like the Cardinals and Braves, take.
  4. This almost guarantees that fans won’t see the likes of Lima, Vargas, Sosa, Park, etc.
  5. If you really want to bitch, at least the Mets are not doing something like this

 Posted by Gene Anthony


Counter Point – (Nik Kolidas)

I just know it Spike! It's the Mets...

When i first heard about Tim Redding becoming the Mets second highest paid starter (ignoring the disturbing fact that a major market team has only one starter being paid over 3 million dollars) I was upset. After looking at his career stats which include an appearance with the hated Yankees I was even more disappointed. He’s had two decent years (far apart from each other) and does not “eat innings”. In fact, he’s only cracked 100 innings 3 times in 8 seasons and one time it was exactly 100. I can think of many pitchers the Mets should be considering for the five spot and Redding is down there with Randy Wolf, who while being awful… at least had a good run once.

Then the NY Post calmed me down a little. Perhaps Redding is the Darren Oliver of this year and just a fill in for injured starters. He seemed to want to be on the team really bad. There are a few ways this can go..

  • They want John Niece at 5 and Redding will be backing him up (bad idea)
  • They want Lowe & Perez and want to use the idea of Redding as leverage, while earmarking him as the long man (Excellent Plan)
  • They want Lowe/ Perez at 4 & Pedro at 5 with Redding as his backup (not so terrible as we’d be three deep at 5)
  • They want Redding at 5 with Niece as his catty (Great idea for the Pirates)

Backup has arrived!

Seriously, I’m going to reserve judgment until pitchers and catchers… but simply put, on a major market team, Tim Redding is a mop up man/ fill in starter.

Counter Point

By Nik Kolidas


7 responses to “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Mets Sign Redding

  1. Redding at #5 is pretty good – I’ll take 160 IP and a 4.95 ERA from my #5. Besides Jason Marquis, I ask you to show me a better #5 starter in the NL.

    Also, look at Reddings innings in the major and minors:

    2008: 182
    2007: 173.2
    2006: 187.2

    This is a good signing, and could prove to be a steal at just $2.25 million.

  2. I wonder what the average is if you only consider the top 10 contenders.

    I’m too tired to check too, but I just think for dollars alone (and discount dollars) you can both Lowe and Perez or do a few other creative things.

    I think of Redding as a long man for a NYC team… just my opinion though.

  3. Because I have no life, here are the #5 starter ERA’s for the playoff teams in 2006:

    Mets: 6.55
    Cardinals: 6.59
    Dodgers: 5.75
    Padres: 4.91

    Yankees: 6.44
    Tigers: 4.48
    Twins: 6.51
    A’s: 5.16

    League average ERA was slightly down in 2008 from 2006. Still, Redding at 4.95-5.00 ERA for 160 IP is pretty good for $2.25 million. Obviously I’d love to have Lowe and Ollie but I dunno it was pretty unlikely considering the cost and other needs that remain (LF, relief pitcher). Smart cost-conscious signing by Omar.

  4. Fair enough. I’m sure that as much as I want to hide behind statistics, the reality is that as a Mets fan that really go into it in the early 80’s, I associate flashy players with winning. I just get turned off by those pick the corners guys who pitch to high ERAs and aren’t fun to watch.

    The Wilpon’s seem to prefer bland players, so it brings out a negative reaction when they try to sell one to me. Sport is after all entertainment.

    I’m trying not to be very vocal about it, but contrary to numbers and what my eyes are telling me… I secretly hope Omar signs Pedro back for that reason. I’d rather see Petey throw to a 5 ERA than Tim Redding.

    That being said, I can’t argue with the signing so long as it’s accompanied by other good moves and again, he’s not the only option for #5 (he could be in the minors by July like he has been two of the last three years).

    I still don’t believe in the bottom of the order and I think that the #5 spot on the Mets will be more important that usual because Pelfrey might take a step back and Maine is an unknown after the knife. Nobody’s logged enough innings to make me comfortable except Johan.

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