The Down Lowe

First off, not sour grapes at all. In fact, I applaud Sir Omar for not biting on a Pedro Part II, by agreeing to a four deal. The Braves signed Lowe today and they truly needed this deal way more than the Mets, especially since Larry cried publicly about his organization. That being said, Lowe is NOT worth 15 million per year. What cracks me up is that Lowe wanted to pitch in the northeast and play for a winner. Excuse me? The Nationals would have been a better team to sign with than the Braves, since they (with the upgrades) look better on paper than ATL. Not for nothing, but my bullshit meter is going off right now.



I would love to hear a player, ala Jerry Maguire, just say once – I wanna get as much dough as I can. If the Mets were going to spend Johan money on a pitcher this year I would hope that it would be on someone much better than Lowe. Lowe has never even been the most feared pitcher on any team that he has played for and stud money should not be spent on him. Next order of business for Sir Omar is to sign Ollie, AND knock on the Manny door and see if he answers.


posted by Gene Anthony


added to By Nik Kolidas….

And now… the plan starts to come together…

Introducing Omar’s Plan

If this is what he has in mind, then well played sir!  

That’s the way to be big market…


5 responses to “The Down Lowe

  1. YES! I have been hoping for a Sheets signing since the middle of last year. With the Braves swooping in and overpaying for a number 3 starter it looks like we might just be in a position to add a couple of pitchers with ace stuff to our staff. If they can pull that off (and I know it remains wishful thinking) then I would be ecstatic with the off-season moves. Manny would be nice but with Ben and Ollie behind Johan I would be more that pleased…

  2. If Omar can pull that off and get Fred & Jeff to pay for it, then I’m thrilled with the winter too…. even without Manny.

  3. If Omar wasn’t willing to give Lowe 4 years, $64 million, there’s no way he’s going to sign Sheets AND Ollie.


    How is Lowe a #3 starter? If we define a #1 starter as one of the top 30 pitchers in the league (because there are 30 teams), then Lowe qualifies as a #1. Because that’s what he is – one of the 30 best pitchers in baseball.

    Now, if you want to say he’s not an “ace” or some other ridiculous subjective word (because he’s not a winner or some other justification) then fine. But don’t say he’s a #3 when he is, in reality, a #1.

  4. I still don’t really want Manny, but I’m glad they didn’t get Lowe. Too much money for too little upside.

    Don’t spend like the Yankees to marginally improve a position. Spend wisely and upgrade your weaknesses..what, the bullpen? We did that? Good job Omar.

    Biggest key right now other than getting another starter, Perez would be fine, is the bench. Solid reliable guys that Manuel can’t misuse. Hell, let him have some input, otherwise he’ll leave guys he doesn’t like rotting and taking up space.

  5. Hey James K,

    I kind of figured I might hear from you regarding the number 3 starter crack. Sorry – I live in the subjective world. He isn’t an ace and shouldn’t be confused for one. I could be swayed to consider him a fringe number 2 but a number 1 he will never be. A rotation headlined by Lowe doesn’t scare me. In any event, I think we agreed to disagree on that point in the last blog. I do have something I wouldn’t mind your thoughts on. FMart was recently “dropped” from his winter team because he wasn’t hitting to expectations. The manager of the Team indicated that he was a “great baseball player” which naturally struck me as odd. Great and being cut doesn’t add up. Is it possible that Omar influenced that decision because he wants to use FMart as the centerpiece for a run at Peavy? And if not Peavy – Oswalt (Houston’s payroll is north of where they want it to be so they might be inclined to listen)? If they do have plans to sign Ollie for 4 years then the path for Niese to reach the majors is effectively blocked. So, a package headed my FMart, Niese, and say Murphy might just bring the Padres and/or Astros to the table. More wishful (and dare I say – uninformed) thinking or do you think this has possibilities?
    Nik, your thoughts?

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