Bill Wagner must be feeling better

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Bo Duke popped out of the General Lee this week and felt confident Boss Hog and Rosco were far enough away to give him time to talk. Bo loves to talk. He’ll talk about anything… weather, girls, favorite soft drink, favorite TV Show (I heard he likes the “Gossip Girl”), favorite finger (rumor is that it’s “Thumkin”, but this is not confirmed)…. you name it and Bo Duke Wagner likes to talk about it. Most other athletes would just be home rehabbing, but Wagner must have gotten edgy on the treadmill a few days ago and forgot that he’s not actually on the team right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he puts his employers on the hot seat, adding to the public pressure to get the Wilpons to let Omar finish the team. I just don’t see how you can turn your back on people giving you that much money for doing nothing. I actually agree with everything he says, but he really needs to leave the crazy talk to us irrational Met fans.

“Mets may have to think in terms of two additional arms for the rotation.”

No shit Sherlock. We are all hoping not to have a “Madoff Special” in the 5th spot.

I'm Billy Wagner, remember me?

“How [Martinez] has changed the organization and put them back on the map, it’s awful hard for me to see them not having loyalty to bring him back”

WFT? I really love watching Petey pitch, the midget and his “guy next door with twins in the hot tub” behavior… but LOYALTY? As much as I am all over Fred & Jeff for being constantly unimaginative and passive, Pedro should be writing them a thank you note for stealing 40 million dollars. I’d like to see him back personally, but the guy should come to Spring Training on a minor league deal and make the team based on his pitching.

“Only if Oliver gets scared and signs,” Wagner said. “But right now I don’t see any reason for Oliver to get scared. There’s definitely a market. They’ll find it.”

Wait... where ya going??

Billy Wagner is not someone you want standing with you when you’re in a fight (the singing & dancing kind obviously). “Billy.. do you think I can take this guy?” “Are you kidding, you’re so weak and he’s so big. He’s going to really hurt you. Well…. good luck”. Hey Billy… go somewhere and shut the hell up please. If Olle gets “Scared” it’s better for you and your big August coming out party. Maybe Omar gets to buy a hitter if Olle comes cheap you idiot.

*sigh* It’s good to be a Mets fan.

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