juggler2Omar’s plan appears to be centered on securing up the starting pitching, which is definitely a concern for all Mets’ fans. In fact, Omar has repeatedly stated that he wants to address this before making any other moves. While I certainly agree with his desire to fill the void, I also feel as if he should delegate some authority here and work on outfield help concurrently. I understand that the outfield move (financially) may be predicated on who is picked up to start, but I am also concerned that waiting for a starter may result in missing out on the right leftfielder. Also, as Metsblog reports, deals for a starter may take awhile time that might cost them a left field slugger. As time goes on I am becoming more and more intrigued with picking up Manny (for the right price and a short term deal).  Given that the Mets are lefty heavy with Church, Delgado, and Schneider, I do not think Dunn is a smart move.


posted by Gene Anthony



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