Another Year for Dirty!

The Mets and Duaner Sanchez agreed on a 1,687,500 one-year deal. This, to me, is a very good move for the team. Let’s hope that we see more of the 2006 Dirty, and less of the one from the last part of 2008. That being said, unless it is an optical illusion, his mechanics in the picture look like crap. His front half is flying open and his stride looks way too long. Mechanics like this will wear his shoulder out. Hopefully, Met coaches are taking a look at the NY Daily News (where this picture appeared).


posted by Gene Anthony


8 responses to “Another Year for Dirty!

  1. Agreed. Form looks terrible. As such I would have to believe it is a pickoff attempt at third. Otherwise a bounce back to 2006 form doesn’t look to be in the cards…

  2. I’m not following the pickoff reference since it really looks like he is headed home with it OR actually opening up toward first. I hope it is a pickoff, as you say, since his arm is draggin wayyyyy behind the rest of his motion.

  3. As you point out he is dragging way behind. His arm should already be in the slot at this point in his motion and it isn’t even close. That is why I reasoned a pick off attempt toward third. However, the more I look at it the less inclined I am to believe that is the case. He is clearly pushing off the rubber which he wouldn’t be doing on a pick-off attempt. If not for his foot on the rubber it almost looks like he is in the act of throwing out a runner to first. Strange…

  4. “Still” shots of pitching are awkward to look at (to say the least). Let’s hope that this is an illusion!!

  5. I’m with you on that. A healthy Sanchez in the 7th giving the ball to our two closures would be nice. It also affords Manuel the luxury of shutting down free agent targets Sheets and Garcia (should we land them) after the 6th to preserve their arms. Hopefully that notion will eliminate some of the concern over Ben’s injury history to get a deal done. Adding an Ace to back up Johan would be huge for us. If not Sheets then I say lob a package headlined by FMart and Murphy to the Padres for Peavy. I think when all is said and done Omar will pull a rabit out of the hat. I’m hoping he pulls a Peavy instead…

  6. There’s nothing wrong with his mechanics here – his arm should not be in the slot until his front foot lands. His mechanics are unorthodox, but not bad or injury-prone.

  7. Check out arm slots by Dr. Bagnozi (link below). Pretty good reference.

    As for the Duaner, check the pic below in th elink provided – it’s the closest I could find at this point in the delivery.**http%3A//

    Looks better then the NY Daily News pic so I’m inclined to believe it is just the angle. From a textbook perspective check Johan’s delivery in the link below (again – roughly the same point in the delivery). It doesn’t get much better then that…

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