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Three quick notes from me this morning…

Bring Me Your Players Fredrick!


First of all with the news that 14 players are leaving Port St Lonesome and going to play for contrived teams in a stupid idea called the WBC, I’d like to refer back to an old post of mine and salute Bud Selig for making little bitches out of Thurston & Lovey Wilpon once again. I suggest on opening day, everybody hurls a pair of panties on the field.



Enjoy THIS!


Ben Sheets’ son is named is Seaver.

I’m just sayin’






Finally, the only people on earth that don’t think the Mets need 2 more starters are Thurston, Lovey and the Phillies management. I’m withholding serious criticism until I actually see a rotation with Tim Redding in the 5th spot, but I refuse to believe I went to sleep and woke up a Pirates fan.

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