Outfielder Corey Sullivan signs with Mets

According to the Denver Post reserve outfielder Corey Sullivan has signed a one-year deal with the Metropolitans. Regarded as a defensive specialist, he should fill in the roll left by the departure of Endy Chavez in the J.J. Putz trade.

The Newest Met

The Newest Met

The 30 year old Sullivan has been up and down the last 4 years. He hit .284 as a rookie in 2005 and .286 in 2007, but only played 18 games last year hitting .217. I will try to find out if issues were injuries or inabilities.

Don’t expect power from Corey either, as he has only 8 career home runs. This moves appears on the surface to be purely for defense in the new spacious walls of Citifield.

One question does come out of all this: What are the Mets going to do with Jeremy Reed? The (yes another) lefthand hitting Sullivan would be performing the same role expected of Reed. Do the mets plan to go into 2008 with 6 outfielders in Murphy, Tatis, Church, Beltran, Reed and Sullivan, or is there another move on the way?

Stay Tuned.

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6 responses to “Outfielder Corey Sullivan signs with Mets

  1. well, one of the big complaints last year on omar was he failed to provide depth to the team, which is why the pen struggled and they resorted to using marlon anderson and AA players in the outfield. so, i tend to look at this is as a sign that he’s trying to correct that lack of foresight last year.

  2. Sullivan is a defensive specialist? He’s a below average defender:

    2006: -8.9
    2007: -4.1
    2008: -1.7

    To translate – he is not a good fielder. Awful/pointless signing. Also his name is spelled “Cory”.

  3. I think another big trade is coming. With the Padres announcing they are over budget for the year the pressure to unload Peavy has increased. With FMart being pulled from winter ball (they released him according to the Manager) you have to wonder if a package headlined by FMart and Murphy might have the two sides talking. Omar likes to deal and he has been painfully slow on the free agent market so I have to believe he is kicking the tires somewhere!

  4. Actually a part of me can see him pulling that off. We don’t know what constraints he has been under from the Wilpons but you have to imagine he has more flexibility on the trade front. Including FMart would hurt – particularly if he ever lives up to the hype. But while it didn’t make sense in the Johan deal it’s certainly worth discussing for an ace under control for the next 3 years (22 mil option year notwithstanding). Wishful thinking maybe. Absurd – definitely not…

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