What’s it gonna be?

Dead Team

Sometimes I think of Met fans as a bunch of white blood cells valiantly trying to overtake the evil Wilpons from wrecking the team’s history and future.


It’s their business and our passion and rarely has a fan base and ownership been so far apart on their taste. Fred wants to redraft the Mets into the Brooklyn Dodgers and Met fans want him to go to LA with his favorite team and leave our team alone.

Hey what can I say? I just don't care...

While reading the always fantastic Kranepool Society, it fanned my flames again regarding the Wilpon’s distaste for the Mets brand and love affair with the Dodgers. I should get over it, but the more I sink into it, the more it distasteful it becomes. How is it that we have an owner who’s a fan of another team? Isn’t that the ultimate joke on Met fans everywhere? Faith And Fear In Flushing breaks down this point with utter precision and Tim Marchman (formally of the Sun) echoes the point as well. I also know from talking directly with folks high up in SNY that much of the Met front office (not the GM) and marketing department consists of either Yankee fans or people who aren’t baseball fans at all. Also, (sadly) focus groups have told SNY that nobody will watch Met programming… that’s why there is almost none of it. WTF is going on here?

All I can say is that if I walk into $itifield and it’s Dodgertown USA, I’ll throw up a little and walk out.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


6 responses to “What’s it gonna be?

  1. I can get Ebbets Field at Fenway Park, where I go 2x per year:

    I’m waiting for The Team to wear Brooklyn Dodgers Style Caps, after which I’ll PUKE;

    AND $iti Field is NO Ebbets Field. One can’t really afford Games more than 2X per year.

  2. As always I respect your opinion.
    I guess, I don’t see it this way due to the fact that the reason I was born a Mets’ fan was the departure of the Dodger’s. You haven’t lived until you watch a game with my 80 year old mother.

    “Dodger’s never did “things like that”!

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  4. We can name the nasty oil slick that runs through the Chop Shops “Fred’s Ravine Brought to you by Citi” :)

    I’ve heard often that people root for laundry…clearly not us.

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