So… Jeff, does Omar want to finish 2nd too?

Jeff Wilpon says OMAR doesn’t want Manny Ramirez. Let me repeat that. Jeff Wilpon says OMAR doesn’t want Manny Ramirez. “

I wasn't going to eat your best shirt, but someone else made me do it

“I know the perception out there again is that ownership said no,” Wilpons said today in an interview at Citi Field. “I don’t have the opportunity to say no because Omar hasn’t’t brought it to me as an option. Omar and the baseball staff aren’t interested.”

This is exactly what’s wrong with the management of this team. They twist reality until it chokes to death and then tries to sell it on a fan base that’s clearly 2 steps ahead of them at all times.

Really, first of all I heard with my own two ears Omar tell WFAN “ask ownership” when asked if he had the payroll flexibility to get Manny after saying he loved the Manny’s bat. So Jeff is telling us that Omar thinks Tatis is better than Manny Ramirez.

I would have gotten us off the Island, but the professor said it wasn't a good idea.


OOOOOOOOOOoooooorrrr maybe Jeff & Fred told Omar he has 10 million more to spend and you can do what you like with it. We’re short two pitchers, so obviously he can’t pick up Manny. Tim Redding is obviously our 5th starter… because Omar thinks it’s a good idea or because there’s no more money???? Really Jeff, we’re not stupid. How is the baseball staff not interested the best right handed hitter in baseball? Sure…


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3 responses to “So… Jeff, does Omar want to finish 2nd too?

  1. Just like the Wilpons to throw their own baseball people under the bus when the blame is thrown (properly) at their feet. I am so sick of these two clowns. Whatever happened to giving Omar “full autonomy” of the baseball decisions?

  2. This off season has been a DISASTER-They could have signed Burrell for 2 years(or 3), Randy Johnson as the # 4 starter, made the trade for Putz and left Kay Rod alone(as he will probably get hurt in his 3rd appearance this year).This would have given them enough $$ to give Lowe a 3 year 45 Million deal.


    Hmmm, 2 LHP for the Phillies games? SHOCKING


    Maybe a decent lineup?

    but NOOOOOOOOo we have the craptastic signings- CORA!!?? MACKOWIAC??!! GARCIA?? The other LH swinging OF? Absurd and indefensible

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