Git R Done (before it’s too late)!!!

larryOmar – it’s Gene. Yes, the guy that says “hello” to you every spring and thanks you for your dedication to the team. In fact, the same guy that pleaded with you to find a suitor for Kaz Matsui. Omar, it’s time to lock Ollie down before someone swoops in and sucker punches you. I understand the approach with Lowe, but if Ollie gets away, the alternatives (i.e., Sheets, Wolf, Garland, etc) are too much of a wildcard for my taste. Ollie is unpredictable, but more like a Leiter cutter (it can be very good even when it’s not at its best!).


From here, the other move that would allow the Mets to survive with rather unpredictable corner outfielders, and a semi-viable one, would be a LA Dodgers-type dump of Castillo. This would allow the Mets to pursue Orlando Hudson, which would bring more to the Mets (in my opinion) than a power hitting outfielder (ut uhm, MANNY- sorry Kay). Hudson is a very gifted hitter, defender, and runner, but he also brings intangibles. Yes, I know you don’t always win with these, but on certain teams (like ones that have tremendous talent but have trouble getting over the hump), they are worth their weight in gold. Hudson is a great clubhouse guy and he leads by example. He could also serve as a mentor to Jose, and give the Mets stability at second base that they have been craving since 2006.


BTW, despite internet rumors that the Mets might be stockpiling utility outfielders in hopes of a potential blockbuster trade for a pitching stud (e.g., Peavy), I really don’t see this happening. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see this happen, but just don’t see NY sneaking up on any deal like this ala the Braves or Cardinals – it just doesn’t happen. 


Posted by Gene Anthony


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