Ollie ollie oxen free!

As Mets fans, we have a reason to be nervous. Luckily, Omar has a chance to be the calming influence with one more signing.

He needs to sign Oliver Perez. Period.

The Mets have reportedly placed an offer on the table for Ollie and have now upped the ante-they’ve improved from their original thinking of a $30mil/3 year deal. Good news. I can’t imagine that Omar would let Ollie slip away, especially considering he’s the last real viable option for this team. As our friend Gene Anthony mentioned – Sheets, Wolf and Garland just really aren’t gonna cut it. And filling two spots in the rotation with Redding, Garcia, Niese and Parnell? Well, that makes me a little nervous.

But why shouldn’t re-signing Ollie make me nervous?

I recall sitting in the Upper Deck on April 11th, 2007 to watch the Mets take on the Phillies. Game time temperature was struggling to get out of the 30s. As I sat there freezing, yet anxious to start the season, I watched on as Ollie struggled through 2 2/3 innings, allowing 3 runs and walking 7.

But then there was the June 29, 2008 Mets-Yankees game. On this beautiful summer day, I was witness to Ollie’s fierce A-game- 7 innings pitched, striking out 8 and allowing no walks.

With Oliver Perez, you take the good with the bad. But Ollie’s “bad” is still something I’d take over the “unknown” of Niese or Parnell.

We all remember yelling “Ollie ollie oxen free” on the playground as a child. According to Wikipedia, this phrase is used “…in hide and seek to indicate that players who are hiding can come out into the open without losing the game”.

Well, Omar….Ollie Ollie, he’s still free! You need to snatch him up while you can, call him out from hiding and assure him that he’s making the right choice.

Please don't burst our bubble, Omar.

Please don't burst our bubble, Omar.

Posted by Emily Doran



14 responses to “Ollie ollie oxen free!

  1. Damn right you are! You’ve got to think Omar’s not going to let him slip through his fingers… I mean…. I hope…

    …. sheesh. It’s amazing Olle Perez has gotten this important.

  2. I concur. How did Ollie become linch-pin of the Mets’ entire offseason?

    Honestly, I still think signing Sheets for less years and dollars wouldn’t be that much worse than retaining Ollie.

    I know things haven’t been smooth for Omar on the Hot Stove front lately, but we must all remember as Met fans that he did get rid of the main culprits of the September collapses. This offseason is not the unmitigated disaster people are trying to make it out to be.


  3. I really think it all boils down to the fear of the unknown. Mets fans aren’t necessarily dyyyying to have Ollie back, they just know what they’ll get from him. And while it’s not always the best, it’s something the fans have become accustomed to. I imagine that the idea of watching a new pitcher struggle (whether Sheets or Neise) is too much to handle for most fans. But Dan makes the good point that most last year’s culprits are now gone. And with or without Ollie, the Mets are at least a little better off than they were last season.

  4. Um…Sheets isn’t going to struggle. If your argument is centered around the possibility of his going down with yet another injury I might be inclined to at least give pause to your thoughts. But to say he isn’t going to cut it makes no sense. He is an ace when healthy. Had he not been overworked by the Brewers he likely finishes the season and is now enjoying a very lucrative contract. Yes – we know what we get with Ollie – but does that seem like a reason to sign someone? The risk associated with a Sheets signing is more than mitigated by his upside. I don’t have any objections to singing Ollie. I would just prefer a rotation with two aces at the top of our rotation. But that’s just me…

  5. I’m not saying Sheets is a bad option or that I think he’ll struggle. Given his track record with injuries, sure, he might be a risk (and so is Ollie). I was merely giving thought to what the Mets fan “public” thinks, or how they would react. Unfortunately, a “struggle” to some fans is a one game slip-up. Do you remember Santana’s debut game at Shea last April? He gave up 3 homers in 6+ innings, and was booed as if he were wearing the number 60 on his back. It’s not right, and it’s not fair, but it is what it is.

  6. Call me crazy, but the depth created by the signings of Redding and Garcia, as well as Niese and Parnell, I believe, makes Sheets the better option. The worst-case scenario with Sheets is that he gets hurt and we are forced to replace him which won’t be that difficult with the abundance of ready (if not totally proven) arms we currently possess. The worst-case scenario with Ollie is that his mechanics leave him (again) and we are left with bad Ollie. Moreover, Ollie’s new contract will make it impossible to take him out of the rotation. Therefore, Sheets is a cheaper option that will provide the Mets with more rotation flexibility going forward. Also, Sheets at his best is an ace and Ollie is, at best, a second or third starter.

    Also, I’d like to see Pedro back to fill the spot-starter, long-reliever role that Darren Oliver filled so admirably in 2006.

  7. Unfortunately Pedro won’t be back with the Mets. He is at a point is his career where he needs to make a Maddox-like change to his pitching approach and such a transition isn’t a given. I suspect that is why they went with Redding and Garcia. It will be Redding in the the long-reliever role with Freddie locking up the 5th starter slot. That assumes of course that Freddie is indeed healthy. I do have one thing that I don’t quite understand with the Mets pursuit of Ollie. If Niese is our best pitching prospect – what happens to him when Ollie is signed? A rotation consisting of 3 lefties is virtually unheard of. Does he then become trade bait? Do they convert him to a reliever? Again, I hate to keep harping on a Sheets singing but his signing makes more sense if the hype surrounding Niese is remotely accurate. Thoughts?

  8. I thought Pedro did make that Maddox like change? That’s all people could talk about when he was winning throwing 88. I don’t think he’s such a bad option at #5 with the amount of backup we have.

    I’m torn on Sheets over Perez. Who does’t like the ace right? Sheets would be exciting to watch and Perez, well.. it’s Oliver. I’m over the fascination with his potential and I hate watching him throw when he’s less than stellar.

    That being said.. you KNOW Sheets is getting hurt and you know Oliver is taking the ball 30 times. With other injury concerns around, how do you not go for the healthy pitcher?

    Ollie or not, I’d offer Sheets, Abreu & Dunn all 1 year deals and leave them on the table until ST. You never know…

    By the way…on behalf of all of us…thanks Dan!

  9. I think you have to roll the dice and give sheets 2 plus an option year. A gamble – yes. But you don’t get the chance to sign an ace for what would be considered a steal in any economy if he stays healthy. As for Abreu and Dunn, I wouldn’t mind seeing either in a Mets uniform. Just a little worried that it makes our line-up significantly left handed.

  10. Lefty or not…think about Tatis, Schnider/Cancel, Castillo and the pitcher… it’s like a horror flick isn’t it?

    Even if we sign Manny, I’d throw a 1 years deal out there for either of those guys. Let Church & Murphy give us a great bench.

  11. It does kind of make you want to throw-up in your mouth if you dwell on it to much… I do hope that Omar and company are playing it coye about our left field opening. Yes we scored runs last year. But at these prices can we afford to let these guys go somewhere else? I like Church in right but can’t get past the Tatis/Murphy platoon in left. Yes, I would take another lefty for a year while they give FMart more time to develop. And based on the current market, these guys could probably be had for 3 years at 6 to 8 mil per. Dunn could make the transition to first base next year (as I believe you pointed out). And even if that didn’t pan out – either contract could easily be moved in 2010 to secure other pieces or to restock our farm system…

  12. You’re exactly right when you asked “at these prices can we afford to let these guys go somewhere else?”. Hell, for a one year deal… why shouldn’t we get our pick of who we want? In the forest, the biggest animal eats first right?

  13. LOL. Continuing the food theme, I say once we secure one of these bargains we hitch up to the Boris buffet for a little ham, steak, and seafood action. C’mon Omar, let the Big Dogs eat!!!

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