Manny Manny Decisions?

puzzleLadies and gentlemen, talk radio (along with every NY newspaper) is pushing the Manny train to Queens. I have posted a few different angles on acquiring Mr. Ramirez, but one issue that has yet to be addressed is this: who bats where if the Mets obtain him? It’s not as simple as dropping him into the clean up spot, as the balance of the lineup (i.e., lefty righty matchups) is important as well.


After “monkeying” with a variety of lineups, here is one that I think would work, given that the Mets would have the current cast of characters. I suggest that this would be the most “balanced” lineup, leaving the Mets less vulnerable to a string of lefthanded hitters that might have to hit against a lefty specialist (well those that are not suspended for cheating).


1. Reyes – duh.

2. Wright – here’s a change that few talk of. His ability to hit to the rightside is an asset as a two hitter, plus the number of fastballs that he would see would be sick. If you put him 3, Manny has to be 4, which means that Beltran is buried at 6th (since he doesn’t seem comfortable in the 4th spot). I’m not inclined to “waste” an out here with Castillo. Hope he proves me wrong, but he was very weak last year. You could switch him and Beltran, but Wright will run more (regardless of how he feels), so I am more comfortable with him here.

3. Manny – maximize his plate appearances. He can hit both righties and lefties, so two right handed hitters is less of a concern here.

4. Delgado – has proved that he is the only one that can handle the cleanup spot. The one concern here is that he and Manny would be two slow guys in a row.

5. Beltran – could be freaked out by the 4th spot, plus could start the lineup over again in the 5 hole (with power). He would also provide some protection for Delgado, so he wouldn’t be pitched around.

6. Church/Pagan/Tatis – this would depend on who is pitching, but regardless, not comfortable enough with Schneider to bat him in front of our right fielder. I will say this, if the Mets decided to pick up Pudge, this would be his position – no question.

7. catcher- if Castillo is the second baseman, we need “more pop” here. That is, more pop than Castillo, which might even be the pitcher.

8. Castillo – only place for him where performance could exceed expectations.

9. Pitcher


I think what few consider is this – the Mets have several stars (Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Delgado) that have to hit high in the lineup, with a mixture of middle range guys, two of which are lefty that “could’ clog the lineup. Adding Manny would be great, but would also complicate (in a good way) the mix. Get ready to manage OG, if we pick up Gangsta Manny.


Posted by Gene Anthony


19 responses to “Manny Manny Decisions?

  1. My goodness when will the masses stop with this SIGN MANNY! stuff? Obviously he’d be a great addition to the lineup but let’s get real here. The Mets payroll right now is about $125-127 million. Sign Ollie or Sheets, it’s up to atleast $135-$137. Signing Manny will cost atleast $23 million a year because he turned down 2 years, $45 million from the Dodgers – that would be pushing the Mets payroll up towards $160 million. That simply is not happening. Let’s be rational here.

  2. I hear ya, but this is more about “if” it happens. As this story takes on a life of its own, it becomes more of a possibility. Don’t underestimate the power of the NY media.

  3. Never say never, Lowe ended in Atlanta due to fan pressure, imo. Until Manny is signed everyone is running with the possibility.

    Good “What If”, Gene.

  4. Since we are dreaming…
    1. Reyes
    2. Castillo (sorry – think he will bounce back plus he takes pitches so Reyes can steal – I’m betting he gets back to a 300avg with around a 390obp)
    3. Wright
    4. Manny
    5. Delgado
    6. Beltran (ok with burying him here since he affords Delgado protection)
    7. Church
    8. Catcher
    9. Pitcher
    More Dreaming:
    1. Santana
    2. Peavy (I know I keep harping on this but send FMart, Murphy, and a few fringe prospects to the Pads already and get this done! As you say, don’t underestimate the power of NY media – so help me out here!!!)
    3. Pelph
    4. Maine
    5. Garcia
    If Peavy can’t be had I would be ok if you susbtituted Sheets. Still, Peavy would make that roations sick!!!

  5. I actually *gasp* agree about Castillo. He’s not going to be Ty Cobb, but he has years of decent play behind him. He only needs to be decent…

    Peavy is a good thought, but how about looking up at Toronto? Maybe they have an ace theu can spare?

  6. Hmmm…Halladay in a Mets uniform…I like the way you think! Only two years of eligibility but certainly two affordable years. The reason I think Peavy makes more sense is the Pads need to trim payroll and seem to be a match. They are looking for a left handed bat so Murphy would look good to them (considering they are looking at the likes of Mientkiewicz). And with the hype still fairly significant surrounding FMart I have to believe they would at least listen. Haven’t heard much about the Jays making Halladay available. Perhaps the same type of package might just give them pause as well!

  7. I think if your gonna maximize each players value than Castillo has to bat 2nd. Batting him 8th is completely conceding a spot in our lineup. If he rebounds even slightly he can at least slap the ball around to the outfields, bunt Reyes over, or even show a little speed and beat out a grounder.

    I would go..


    It gives you three switch hitter with speed at the top. Righty/lefty/righty/lefty 4-7 with 4 guys capable of hitting for power and with the capability to drive the ball as well. Another thought… With Manny, Tatis would share some time with Church against tough leftys and Murphy would be relegated to the bench. If Castillo struggles, the mets might again view Murphy as a possible 2nd baseman as they did this past winter. Put Murphy in the 2 hole with my same lineup at 2nd and the lineup is ridiculous.

  8. I see your logic but I can’t get past having Wright in the number 6 hole. If I had to bury one it would be Beltran. If for no other reason then Beltran seems to respond better when pressure is minimized. David doesn’t seem to be as affected by it. Also, I prefer to have the career .300/.390 Ops guy (Wright) towards the front of the lineup than the career .280/.360 Ops guy (Beltran). Of course it’s a fun issue to debate when you have Manny in the middle of it all. No matter how you assemble it – impressive it would be…

  9. I could go with that, I just don’t like Wright possibly losing an AB every game and a half batting that low. It is more righty lefty balanced for sure, but would rather see Wright driving in Reyes and keeping the top of the lineup going. What you are suggesting here JZ is exactly what I was getting at originally with the post -a potential MVP as your 6th hitter. Good luck Jerry!!!

  10. Yep and I am fine with switching Beltran and Wright and you bring up good points however I can see Wright being fine with batting 6th a lot more than Beltran could. Beltran has complained before about hitting lower than 4th. Plus Beltran does have a bit more speed still and can steal a few bases so that might be better at the top of the lineup. A final thought is that Beltran kills fastballs and sometimes struggles against the breaking stuff. How many fastballs would Beltran see if Manny, Delgado, and Wright were coming up after him?

  11. Wright will run more than Carlos, though Carlos is faster. That’s another reason for Wright at 2 hole. Just my assessment.

  12. Like I said…fun to debate isn’t it! Not much of a debate without the bid dog in the 4 spot. Having Manny almost makes this about spitting hairs. And I think Jerry would give up the farm to have this problem. And since it isn’t my farm – I would too!!!

  13. I think thats debatable. Beltran has had some nagging leg injuries over the last few years but we all know he can steal bases. He has also been asked to drive in runners more the last few years hitting cleanup or 5th. If he had 4 power bats coming up after him, I think he would be inclined to run a bit more, especially before Manny who hits everything. Something yet to be discussed though is how Manny improves three positions, not just one. Right now we have Tatis/Murphy in Left and Church by himself in right. Church has struggled against tough leftys. Having Tatis platoon with Church a bit in right improves the lineup monumentally in LF and RF. Murphy played 2nd base in winter ball and although he is being asked to play left field right now, Manny would negate that. Giving him some atbats at 2nd if Castillo struggles seems pretty realistic to me and would improve 2nd as well. Thats three spots in the lineup dramatically improved by one signing.

  14. Just 1 question…..of course about Manny…..wouldn’t Manny win more ball games then any of the pitchers their looking to sign….just go ahead and sign him…..Throw us Mets fans a bone!!!!!!

  15. “Don’t underestimate the power of the NY media.”

    Is the NY media gonna donate $25 million to the Mets so they can sign Manny? Until then, I’ll stop living in a dream world like the moronic masses calling into WFAN every 10 seconds screaming SIGN MANNY.

  16. I posted this as a response to the madness, not suggesting that it was going to happen at all. What might be moronic to you certainly is not to others. That being said, while you seem to upset with speculation, where is the 25 million dollar figure coming from – isn’t that pure speculation as well?

  17. Manny rejected 2 years, $45 million from the Dodgers initially. By my calculation, the Mets will have to beat that offer to get him. Make it $23 million if you like, the $25 was just speculation. Either way, it’s money the Mets likely don’t have to spend, assuming they sign Ollie or Sheets for around $10 million.

    I understand the original post, but I was responding to a comment implying the NY media can somehow will Manny onto the team.

  18. I hear you, but again, if the media can help pass legislation in the US, it can certainly push a team owner into considering a player for his team – money or no money.

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