Good Work Omar, But You Still Suck – Love, The “Fans”


The Mets secured Ollie today, which was the best move (of the guys left).


A 27 year old, with a tremendous upside, Perez reminds me a lot of Al Leiter- at times very stressful but a royal pain in the ass to MLB hitters. This, in addition to Putz (my favorite new Met) and Rodriquez, makes for a very good offseason. That being said, fans are still screaming for Manny, which would definitely benefit the offense, but just might not be feasible. I am amazed at Met fans when they complain about Omar- hate to say it but it sounds like the “other” NY teams’ fans.


The Mets had needs, and the GM addressed them. In my honest opinion, the offense was not the problem – last year’s team was probably the best (or one of the best- thanks James) offensive team(s) in the history of the franchise. Had the bullpen secured a third of their losses, the Mets would have run away with the East. If you want to bitch, try being a Cardinal fan- how have they addressed their offseason needs?


P.S. Much love to Brooklyn Met Fan for his loss(es) over the weekend. It puts things in perspective – we got your back bro – Gene.


Posted by Gene Anthony


12 responses to “Good Work Omar, But You Still Suck – Love, The “Fans”

  1. You’re right. The offseason has been a success. The bullpen sucked and Omar not only gets one of the best closers in baseball, he also goes out and gets another great closer to pitch the eighth. Even though I would have liked Sheets over Ollie, the rotation looks solid going into Spring Training. Could we use another OF bat?, sure, but at 25 mil/yr? Would Bobby Abreu on a 1 year deal be that bad? thoughts?

  2. Dan,
    After really looking at Abreau’s numbers, I think he would be a good fit in the Mets’ lineup, but only if they didn’t have Church. The Mets are lefty heavy and the other NL East teams have lefties to give the team trouble. Hate to say it, and I like him, but for a couple of years, I would like Abreau over Church. I love Ryan’s heart, but he has yet to establish, some of which is beyond his control, that he can consistently hit lefties, while Bobby has (and I know that Ryan is a better defender).

  3. It’s hard to say the offseason was a success. I’d say it’s about neutral. The bullpen was upgraded, but not by as much as people think, and the rotation is exactly the same. Considering we can’t expect the same years from Santana and Pelf, the rotation is probably a touch worse. The offense remains unchanged as well. Omar grossly overpaid for Oliver Perez – this is a fact. He’s worth no more than 3 years, $24 million. Maybe he’ll improve in the next few years, but as of now that’s all he’s worth.

    Also, how do you figure the 2008 offense was best of all time for the Mets? They scored 799 runs. The ’99 Mets scored 853. The 2007 Mets scored 804. The 2006 Mets scored 834. This is why we have things like Baseball-Reference.

  4. I sincerely meant to put “one of the best” of all times. That being said, is runs scored your only indicator of offense? If so, keep reading the Baseball Reference.

    It’s fans like you that crack me up, but I appreciate. Why can’t we expect the same from Santana and Pelf (or even better)? Why isn’t Garcia, Redding, Niese a potential upgrade in the 5th spot? Why can’t Perez be better at 27 (and growing)? The starters really were not the problem- check out Baseball Reference (really,kidding here) regarding the number of blown saves – now the Mets have two closers and they won’t be afraid to use them in tandem – if the need calls.

  5. Well Gene, anything can happen, obviously. John Maine could go 20-0 and win the Cy Young. Ollie could blossom into the next Randy Johnson. I’d rather not speculate on such nonsense and go by the objective projections we have.

    Also, if you delve deeper into the stats, Johan Santana was somewhat lucky last year. He had a great year, but he was one of the luckiest pitchers in baseball – his left on base % was highest in the game, and much higher than his usual career LOB%. His fielding independent pitching stats (which are much better than ERA) outperformed his ERA. This generally = lucky. Pelf had a huge jump in innings pitched, so he is a candidate to get hurt or regress.

    I’m not being a pessimist, I’m just realistic and objective. I am a Met fan, trust me, and I want to see all of them do well. But there’s nothing wrong with a little objectivity here. Don’t buy all the hype from Omar Minaya about this being a vastly improved team is all I’m saying.

  6. It’s all good, which is why I said I appreciate the approach (in a sadistic way)… I wasn’t saying “career years” from these guys by no means, but Maine should be stronger, though he probably will lose a game.

    Speaking of lucky, how many times did Santana leave with a lead – poor bastard could have easily have won 20 games – ala Pedro his first year in NY.

    Let me ask you this – Would you have been happy if the Mets signed Manny and Lowe, instead of Perez, Putz, and Rodriguez?

  7. I’d have preferred Lowe and Fuentes over Ollie and K-Rod, no doubt. Avg Salaries over life of contract, not including options:

    Lowe/Fuentes – $23.75 million

    Ollie/K-Rod – $25 million

    Lowe and Fuentes together are far more valuable than Ollie/K-Rod. Whatever though. Let’s go Ollie!

  8. Enjoyed the debate guys. Overall I would say that Omar did a pretty good job of repairing that which needed to be repaired from last year. But…has anyone noticed that the pitching in the East has gotten significantly stronger across the board? Atlanta’s rotation is better and the Marlins young rotation is excellent and certainly poised to get better. And lets not forget that the Phillies won it all with their rotation. Still think our offense couldn’t use another bat?

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