If you want it, here it is! Come And Get it

You better run because it going fast. Only run though if you’re a 4rth outfielder willing to take a minor league deal, because discount or not…. the emperor is naked and has only a handful of change left.

I've got suuuuuch gas, I can't wait for this meeting to be over!

Ok, sit down for this because I know it’s shocking… The Wilpons lied about something. I know… pretty shocking huh? I for one am totally surprised we got something less than straight forward from Mets management. Boys and girls, there is in fact, no more money in the cookie jar. Forget Manny, Abreu or even Dunn. The only thing that will be Dunn about the Mets is this offseason. It’s a shame that just when a bunch of big bats go on sale at Cosco, the Howells decide to take it up the ass. To make things worse, they dragged down baseball Elvis with them. Now he’ll have to be our 5th starter to make ends meet. (Hopefully he can reach home plate, unlike Lord Seaver)

Will they do the honorable thing for NYC and sell a portion of the team to recoup and let the brand grow and thrive or will they greedily hold on to it and spend the next several years trying to recoup some of this lost money. Gee I wonder…

Sham Slammed

So, do you want to shave my balls? C'mon baby it's fun...

I've got a Miracle Met in my pants! Giggity!!

Art Sham-sky has emerged from the programming of my 1980’s Micro League Baseball program, animated himself and decided to become a relevant NYC sports figure. It seems our beloved platoon outfielder of 40 years ago is a bit of a Quagmire and he married a mentally and physically ill woman who’s hell bend on embarrassing herself all over the city. She was also on WFAN’s morning show acting like she missed her meds.  He always was a great bat for me on the Atari, but now I guess I know what that extra tan pixel was protruding from the little digital player simulation. Giggity!  He needs to take a few minutes from having anonymous sex and go file a restraining order.

Posted By Nik Giggity Kolidas


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