You Down with the W.B.C. – Hell No, Not Me!

Enough is enough, stop the insanity. I understand the appeal for the World Baseball Classic (I think), but I see it as doing much more harm than good. Excuse me for this next statement folks, but baseball is America’s game and the “best” baseball players already play in the major leagues no matter what country they come from. The point here is that the game is world enough – Christ, people are swimming here from Cuba to play (I know economics play a major role).


I don’t like the idea, I don’t like the timing, and I don’t like the fact that it perpetuates the fantasy-league type culture of sports. Having the games in the spring is an obvious risk for the players. It is going to take a spring injury to a major star, maybe one from Milwaukee, for the commissioner to wake up. Yes, they train year round, but still need the spring to get geared up for the grueling 162 game season. As far as rooting for a team from your country of origin – FOLLOW SOCCER AND THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!!


In addition, it confuses the players. Poor AROD can’t pick a country to represent – I’ll play for the US, no no wait – I’m Dominican (I think) so I am playing for the Dominican Republic.


If you have to have this display, do it during the winter (if at all) instead of the winter leagues. If players are that committed to it, they will forgo their time off to participate.


As if I wasn’t already pissed off enough at this idea, I find the current article. Leave it to Captain Jeets (which sounds like a rash, “I woke up with the Jeets and it really itches”) to push me over the edge. This solidifies how wrong this is:


posted by Gene Anthony


Added to By Nik Kolidas….

14 Players!  14 Players……  Fourteeeeeeeen players. I surprised Fred doesn’t just give Bud power of attorney and get it over with.


One response to “You Down with the W.B.C. – Hell No, Not Me!

  1. I hope Santana, Putz and Krod get stuck in an elevator in St Lucie and can’t get out until the WBC bus leaves.

    Really.. the funniest is Putz who was injured last year. What’s he looking to get out of this?

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