F Mart Injured…..Again


It seems Fernando Martinez is done contributing in the Caribbean World Series. Martinez injured his left elbow Tuesday and is being held back by the Mets. Martinez says he feels like he can play but the Mets will not let him. This injury does not seem to be serious and the Mets are just being cautious but this kid seems to be injured all the time. Lets hope that this does not continue over the course of his career because Fernando has fantastic potential.

Posted by Anthony Agnese


6 responses to “F Mart Injured…..Again

  1. Thanks Kay. I also saw his HR, he has a lot of power. If there’s one upside to not getting manny, I guess it’s the chance to watch this kid play sooner.

  2. I know it’s frustrating Anthony, but remember that this is a 20 year old kid pushing to his body to the limits, and neither he, the trainers, or his body know what his limits are yet.

    Remember how often Jose Reyes got hurt when he was in the minors and was first called up? Now one of the fans biggest issues with him is that he doesnt rest enough!

    it would not shock me if before the year is out murphy and f-mart are splitting time in the outfield, with tatis going back to being a utility infielder, maybe even manning second base

  3. Oh I know Z, I realize that this was not a serious injury and that he is still only 20. Right now I am not too worried about his health and I have no doubts that he can be a pretty good MLB player. But he does seem to get injured fairly often. Lets hope that injuries do not give him problems throughout his career because he has a lot of potential.

  4. Maybe it’s the Met fan in me, but I can’t help but think of Alex Escobar when I see stories about this kid.

    I hope I’m wrong.

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