WFAN cuts this guy a check every two weeks

I am god

I’ll never understand why I listen to Mike Francesca, but his thoughts today about the Mets not being a playoff team are absolutely ridicules.  You can say what you will about the things that need to go right for this team to be successful, but to looking at the rosters on paper and thinking the Phillies are as good as the Mets is just being outrageous for the sake of it.  The Mets have been more talented than the Phillies each of the last 3 years and have been done in by their atrocious bullpen.

Both teams come into 2009 similar to last year with the Mets having won 89 games with a bullpen that blew save after save.  Brad Lidge blew exactly zero games all year and they could only muster 92 wins.  Someone explain to me how with this data taken over a recent 162 game sample you can’t make a case for the Mets being significantly better than the Phillies with 2 closers at the end of our pen?

Then he compares the Mets rotation with the Yankees, as if the two teams are in competition for the same division.  According to Mike, the Mets 2-4 starters have little chance of winning 15 games while Joba, Pettitte, Wang & the walking wounded from Toronto are all locks.  Joba has won SIX games total in the majors, Andy Pettitte is a .500 pitcher now, Wang is coming off an injury and Burnett has won over 12 games once in his long career.  Also, Rivera is now 38 years old and they have no set up crew.  So, Mike… why don’t you take off your pinstriped glasses and admit the rotations will probably be about even this year.  If you look at overall depth, who’s going to cope with an injury better?  The Mets are seven deep in the rotation.  Joba won’t be allowed to pitch 200 innings… who’s stepping in for him?  Who Mike?

In conclusion, bite me you pompous dickhead.  Ah… and of course Lets Go Mets!

Posted By Nik Kolidas


20 responses to “WFAN cuts this guy a check every two weeks

  1. Don’t expect a response from him because I really don’t think this bonehead can read.

    He is a “typical” Yankee fan.

  2. Thanks kid – I have a couple of funny stories that I am going to post. Interestingly, they are all Yankee ones (and visiting teams) since I lived in the Ft. Lauderdale area and would go there daily to see baseball and baseball life. Met some characters – Rickey Henderson and Winfield and some really good people like Tommy John and Mike Easler. Then there was Mattingly, which was off the wall. Never a fan of the Yankees, but a collector of baseball cards and autographs.

  3. Francesa will always be nothing but a fat, pinstripe-wearing cock. Nothing will ever change. Thank you guys for using your medium to try and alert the public of something that has bothered me for a very long time. The most aggravating thing about it is that people take him seriously. He’s nothing but a homer, but to some people (mostly Yankee fans), he is considered an expert; which I find sickening.

    How does he know anything about the Mets. About 99% of our games our played at the same time as the Spankees, so which team do you think he is watching? When do you think the last time he watched 9 innings of Mets baseball? Has he watched a full John Maine start? Ollie? Pelf? The only stuff he knows about the Mets is what is printed in the NY papers (usually sensationalized nonsense) and what people around the station tell him.

    FUCK HIM…and Lets Go Mets.

  4. Dan… we listen because we’re conditioned to. If 1050 didn’t have the exact same nonsense on the same time… I’d flip in a second. Honestly, if MLB Homeplate on XM gets better, I’d go there during afternoon drive time. They just rarely talk Mets and if they do it’s never positive. It’s mostly Dimondbacks, Red Sox and the two DC teams.

    The morning show is actually pretty good and hosted by a Mets fan and our old GM the Duke (get your Kazmir jokes going…)

  5. I can’t stand him BUT today he did hit a few things close to the mark there are a few ifs with that said let’s go mets!

  6. Very good post, well said. I rarely listen to Francessa but when i do listen, I usually turn it off after 5 minutes. The guy is a moron..

  7. Kay….every team has ifs, it’s just that Mike magnifies the Mets ifs as though the team is defined by problems.

    Everyone complains that Mets fans whine for a perfect team and then when the team is 85% perfect, the people that chastise us for complaining, bitch about the team having an issue or two.

    The reality is that his own team has just as many ifs as we do and he considers the Yankees a championship ball club. It’s a double standard. Yes… all our pitchers below Santana can fail, but isn’t that the physics of baseball? There’s a chance anything can happen.

    I’ll tell ya what… I’d put money on Pelfrey winning 15 games before I bet on Burnett getting there. It seems like Mikey would take the opposite. I’d base my argument on age durability and a natural upswing compared to a pitcher who’s only been able to win more than 12 once in multiple attempts and he’d base his on Burnett doing it last year and Pelfrey not having pitched very long. We’ll see… but it’s silly to pick apart one team for the same issues your “championship” one has and call it a non-playoff team.

    Don’t get me started on the Phils… their perfect season procured 92 wins last year. You want luck? They need to be perfect again in every way and ALSO have the Mets suffer from a devastating collection of off years or injuries. Can it happen… sure. WILL it happen? Baseball Prospectus seems to think NOT

  8. completely agreed on all fronts. As bad as Francesa is, we all know the guy on in drive time on 1050 is 100 times worse. He is a Yankee employee and any comments he has about the Mets might as well be from the mouths of the Steinbrenners. I just get really frustrated with Francesa because I’ve spent most of my life as a sports fan having to listen to his partisan bullshit.

    As far as his comments go, I’m completely comfortable with our rotation. The only thing I’m really worried about is John Maine’s health. I foresee bigger problems for the Yanks. Burnett has been on the DL 11 times in the last 10 seasons. The only season without a trip to the DL was last season; ironically a contract year. C.C. Sabathia is wildly overrated and I couldn’t have been more pleased when the Yanks signed him. By year three of that deal, he will be over 350 lbs. and horribly ineffective. Much like he was last season before his vacation in the NL.

    Let’s go Mets.

  9. Nik,

    Giggityyyy, I can’t stand him or the Yankees and cripes, you know I detest the Phillies.

    With that said, I need to go into the season with zero expectations. Save my heart so to speak.


  10. Giggity back at cha’! I expect playoffs and I hope my team can bring that home. No matter what any radio fools want to say, they can’t prevent the Mets from proving them wrong.

    I can’t wait for April…. it’s going to be a fun year. Just hold your breath through the WBC

  11. Calling him a Dickhead is a compliment. What makes him an expert. He has never played ball ( way too fat), never managed a club or an organization ( need a brain for that) and he has never been a General Manager or Scout. He is a dumb ass Yankee fan that thinks his shit doesnot stink, but the odor gives him away. Screw him the best thing to do is for everyone to boycott his show on TV or radio and let his ratings suffer.


  12. Rob,
    Even as an analyst of the game – he sucks. Look, I don’t like the Yankees or Jeter (by default), but I recognize that Jeter is a special player in the history of the game. Fatboy would NEVER acknowledge a Met as such.

  13. Gene, The best way for him to lose his job is for everyone not to listen. But then again the dumb ass Yankee fans would. I cannot understand how the Met organization allows FAN to let him put down the team that broadcast on FAN. FAN pays a lot of money to have the rights to the Met games. You think they would tell him STOP. We donot want anyone thinking that they should not listen to the Met games based on your stupidity.

    Here is another thing to think about. The Mets are so weak that they allow SNY to talk about the Yankees on their shows. DO you ever see YES talk about the METS.

  14. I don’t call it weak as much as understanding NY baseball and their fans – it is very noticable that YES omits the Mets (and others). That stems, IMO, from Communist George and his focus on Yankees grabbing headlines and ignoring all other baseball.

    Per Howard Stern and Maddog a week or so ago – his numbers are down. Be honest though, if the Mets kicked him off of the FAN, and put a homer on there, we’d hate that as well.

  15. I’m not so sure… at least speaking for myself, I seem to enjoy the Met homers on the FAN. The only one I really dislike is Beningo, and that just because he sounds like a he might was well be a Yankee fan. He hates everything.

    MLB on XM in the morning, hosted by a Mets fan, is a pleasure.

    This is all for fun… I don’t want to be pissed off listening to the radio

  16. It is frustrating to hear the “bloated one” spew out all the nasty, negative Mets comments on a daily basis. I agree with those who have said that the best way to get him off the radio is to stop listening. I for one stopped listening a long time ago. It is mindless bulls__t it isn’t even funny!

    Who was the one who started the ridiculous notion that the Mets had to break up the “core”? None else than the “bloated one”. Typicall yankee nonesense. It will be a great day when he is finally canned or retires.

    Lets Go Mets!!!

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