Dan The Man in Left/ Cliff Clavin Speaks

Relax Jerry, We've got plenty of time

Jerry says Daniel Murphy is the everyday Left Fielder. I find comments like this to be a great barometer of the intelligence level of the media. Once again the thermometer was stuck up the media’s ass and the temperature came back ice cold. Ladies and gentleman, this is all about Ryan Church.

Instead of trying to figure out why Manuel is trusting left field to someone with little experience, try to figure out what has gone wrong to get him to say that publicly. If I was a reporter, beyond asking Ryan Church what he thinks of the statement, ask around and try to figure out what it is about Church that made Manuel feel the need to tweak him. Automatically I suspect Church is lazy and coasting or came in heavy. I wonder if Tatis came in with an attitude of entitlement that needed to be wiped clean? These are answers I need more than hearing Ryan Church’s stock “it’s all about the team” bullshit quote.

I'm Daniel Murphy and I bat third


I’m excited to see Murphy play full time, but saying he’s the regular is basically a nonsense statement. If he regresses, then he’s probably out by May so what does regular mean really? It just means he’ll have a shot to be great, which he was going to get anyway. Ryan Church, if he’s hitting, will play full time.



WFAN… again

Haya there Nammi!

Joe Beningo is the worst kind of Met fan. He’s the Met fan that Yankee fans love to have around because he has such hatred for his team it’s uncomfortable to listen to. I’ve been skeptical of him ever since I heard him and his old partner declare football as a superior sport to baseball and how they can’t really get worked up about the baseball season that much. He might deny it now that he’s got a million TV gigs centered around baseball, but the man doesn’t like the sport that much.

Francesca & Beningo

Today I heard him say the Mets are in 85 win team. The only people I haven’t heard this from are the beat writers that follow the club, the broadcasters and Vegas. The local sensationalistic radio hosts and national casual analysis love that number because they know Met fans listen when they are belittled. Yankee fans seemingly won’t listen if you don’t put them on a pedestal and give them a rose colored view of the team and we won’t if you don’t torture us with lame, baseless analysis. He went through the “questions” the Mets have as if they didn’t exist last year when they won 89 with no bullpen and then spun around said causally said “You KNOW Robinson Cano will bounce back… Damon’s gonna hit…. etc…”. What? Who? Where? I know you’re not the brightest blub Joe, but try to tell me that’s based in something other than you’re attitude.

When do the Jets start again?


He’s the guy who always puts down his wife and ogles other woman thinking he can do better. What sucks is he’ll probably get to be in $iti Field day one while the rest of us are priced out.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


7 responses to “Dan The Man in Left/ Cliff Clavin Speaks

  1. 92 wins at least. I just wish we could get it going.

    I heard Joe this morning and he is like a lot of Met fans that like to manage their own expectations because they think it will take away the sting if they don’t succeed. It’s the fatalist Jet fan in him talking. If the mets start out hot and K-Rod and Putz are lights-out, he’ll change his tune.

  2. I believe in being positive from the start. The 80’s happened because the team & fans together had a goal… to be the best. They dominated teams on the field and we made them wish they never came to Shea. It was great…

    J.J. Putz said something recently that I love…”We have one rule here — that’s to win a championship.”

    Hell yes.

  3. Right on Nik, was going to post a very similar commentary. Manuel is individualizing his managing, which is what Willie did not do. Tell Castillo he is leading off, because he is so down on himself, hitting him would be counterproductive. Light a fire under Church’s ass to hit like a mother this Spring to “prove Jerry wrong”. Manuel is confident enough to change up if Church hits lefties.

    Finally, Murphy puts enough pressure on himself to give him a pickmeup – you’re a starter, prove it to me. All the Manny talk is over now kid – show me something, but relax enough to know that Ihave your back – good work Jerry.

    Manuel is pushing buttons, I mean, managing!

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