I Told You So (A Saying I Hate)!

screaming-baseball1An excerpt from a previous post, regarding the insanity of the WBC:


I don’t like the idea, I don’t like the timing, and I don’t like the fact that it perpetuates the fantasy-league type culture of sports. Having the games in the spring is an obvious risk for the players. It is going to take a spring injury to a major star, maybe one from Milwaukee, for the commissioner to wake up. Yes, they train year round, but still need the spring to get geared up for the grueling 162 game season. As far as rooting for a team from your country of origin – FOLLOW SOCCER AND THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!!


Well, unfortunately it was one of our guys. Looks as if Johan is “feeling fine” yet headed back to NY for an MRI on his elbow. Again, if they want to do this exhibition, do it after the season, do it indoors, and give the players enough time to get hurt, have surgery and be ready for 162 game marathon. Good job MLB.


That being said, the season is not over for the Mets if Johan is not able to start the season. I’m not happy, but consider how he started last season. Plus, you need five starters to win. Which reminds me, Livan will be the fifth starter (you heard it here) and I think he will surprise many. They guy is a bulldog, who pitches late into games, fields his position, and can swing the bat. The two biggest moves of the offseason will be Putz/Green and Livan.


Posted by Gene Anthony


One response to “I Told You So (A Saying I Hate)!

  1. You are 100,000% right about the WBC… it is and will always be a disaster of an idea so long as it’s played in ST.

    That being said, thank god we might have dodged a bullet with Yohan. That being said, Putz was injured last year and we really don’t need Krod wasting bullets before he even pitches an inning for us.

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