Photos from Metland


Hi, I'm Bob Stanley and I'm about to make 50,000 people very happy

Now that everyone has breathed a sigh of relief that Santana feels ok and Mike Francesca has begged David Wright for forgiveness, all seems right with the world again.  So, before any major news hits, I figure it’s a good time to stroll down  memory lane and look through some pictures. I actually have a few gems with Doc & Darryl from the 80s’ I can’t find, but I did find a bunch of goodies for your viewing pleasure. They are all photos from Game 6 in 1986 through today at Shea.

Click here to view all the photos 

 Posted By Nik Kolidas


7 responses to “Photos from Metland

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  2. Those are great pictures, but I think the one above is actually Al Nipper, not Bob Stanley. Stanley didn’t have a stache.

  3. It could be, although Nipper was in the rotation (I think) and this was taken in the pen late in the game. I guess they could have stuck him out there…

    Stanley has had a ‘stache at some point, although I’m not positive about 86.

    Let’s compare….

    This is the only photo of Stanley I could find with a ‘stashe. I couldn’t find a photo of his face on the mound during this game.

    Nipper does also look like the guy in the photo and he did for sure have a mustashe during 86′

    He’s also the guy crying in this photo…

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