A-Hip & the Vultures – The WMC & Adventures in Petoria

Damn, I’m hungry and I can’t believe that shoulder was ok! Wait… that Dominican guy is clutching his hip! Fresh meat!

Congratulations to Met fan Alex Rodriguez for his fantastic portrayal of a steak dinner for New York’s hungry media.  Disappointed, and unwilling to accept Yohan’s elbow is fine, they needed a major injury to fuel their doomsday stories.   If nobody got hurt soon, one of those reporters might have had to go trip a player on purpose to have something to write about.  Lucky for the Mets, it was the Met fan in the Bronx who’s fallen and can’t get up.  Naturally, now the Yanks are the team that’s in trouble/ might not make the playoffs/ have a terrible bottom of the lineup.  All of the sudden now people notice that the closer is coming off surgery; the catcher is a huge question mark and the 2nd basemen pulled a Castillo last year.  Thing is, just like it was when the Mets were “doomed”…  it’s all crap.  I just hate this negative energy no matter where it’s directed. 

Introducing the The WMC (World Mets Classic)

Can two divorced Mets live on a baseball field without driving each other crazy?

The WMC (World Mets Classic) has gotten off the ground, as many different teams of Mets (supplemented by a few other players) take on Japan for the chance to be best the Met spring training squad of the year!  Really, Jeff… you’ve made me agree with Michael Kaye for the first time in my life.  This is a disgrace.  Oh yea… Tatis is replacing ARod http://www.metsblog.com/2009/03/05/news-tatis-to-replace-arod-in-wbc/ . Of course he is. 

Hey Bud... it's time for your enema

This team need a strong arm in the front office; someone who is willing to say “No” when everyone else is to afraid to.  Seriously guys, I volunteer.  Don’t want me?  Go ring Steve Keane http://www.kranepoolsociety.com/  and tell him you need someone to talk to Bud whenever he calls.    How about Matt http://www.metsblog.com/ or is he too busy?  I’ve got one!  Patch all Bud calls to Met fan Scott Ferrell www.scottferrall.com and see if Bud ever wants to call back.

The Land Of Petoria

What I'm looking for is respect

I’m torn on Petey.  He’s a huge distraction and I get the feeling the team is better off without the circus in town.  That being the case; if he continues to throw 91, how can you not think about it?  It is after all unfinished business.




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2 responses to “A-Hip & the Vultures – The WMC & Adventures in Petoria

  1. I have decided to not look at the NY Papers..Need to do this, they sent me into a tizzy about my Ace.!

  2. I boycotted the NY papers last June after they tried for a solid month to run Willie out of town and then after the Mets fired him, they gave Omar and Wilpons shit for they “way they did it”. I found it to be hypocritical and further proof that not only do they not want the Mets to succeed, they would rather them go down in flames because it would sell more papers.

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