Maybe He’s Just Not That Into You?

It’s turned into a great debate among Mets fans this off-season – whether or not to re-sign Pedro for 2009.

Some argue that he’s a future Hall-of-Famer, career ERA of 2.91 and a uniter in the clubhouse- a good guy to have around. Others look at his performance in 2008 and doubt there’s anyway he can come back and stay healthy for an entire season…not to mention the issue of salary.

Fans can go back and forth on this, but regardless of what we think, it all comes down to Omar. And Pedro, I’m starting to think that maybe Omar’s just not that into you.

The honeymoon's over.

The honeymoon's over.

On Tuesday, Martinez told reporters:

“If they want a fifth starter, I’ve been there,” Martinez said. “I don’t know how much they want me, but I’m available. That’s all I can say.”Yeah, I would like to be back [with the Mets], but I’m not just going to follow the Mets. They have their own plans and they have their own thought process. “Yes, I would love to go [to Citi Field] and hopefully have the same success I had at Shea. Shea was a great stadium for me. I hope the new Shea pretty much follows up on the old one. But I have my goals and I have my things that I want to achieve in life. If it’s not with the Mets, it will be with someone else.”

Um….Pedro? You’re kinda starting to sound a little desperate, like a scorned ex-girlfriend. You promise you’ll change, you can be all that Omar wants you to be. And then when you realize he’s not going to take you back, you turn it around and pull the “I can find someone else. I won’t stay single for long, you’ll see……but if you wanna work things out, baby let’s talk.”

I can’t help but feel bad for Pedro Martinez. One of the greatest modern pitchers in the twilight of his career, though no one wants him. Tommy Glavine, John Smoltz and my boy Randy Johnson are all similarly injury-prone AND significantly older…but they’ve got jobs.  So hang in there, Pedro….I have faith that someone will be into you.

Posted by Emily Doran


4 responses to “Maybe He’s Just Not That Into You?

  1. Hypothetically, if the season were to start today, who is the fifth starter? Livan? Niese? Parnell?Are these better options than Pedro?


  2. Price tag aside, Pedro’s obviously got the experience and skill necessary to be the 5th starter. If, god forbid, he gets hurt again, you can always call up Parnell or Niese to do a respectable job until he recovers (assuming he does).

    On the flip side, though, if you make Niese or Parnell the 5th starter, and one of them gets hurt or just majorly sucks, then who do you turn to? Another rookie starter, and who knows what you’ll get from him.

    There are a lot of variables with Pedro, but for argument’s sake, I’ll say he should be the Mets’ 5th starter in 2009.

  3. I agree completely. I can’t imagine money being a major sticking point either. We’re a little over three weeks from Opening Day, it’s clear there are no other suitors and he has made it public that he wants to return. 1 year, 3 mil+ incentives? I think that would get it done. It makes sense; especially with Duaner’s money off the books.

    Has anybody heard who will be taking Duaner’s spot in the bullpen? I’ve heard that there are young arms that have impressed; I just don’t know who they are.

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