Help me if you can I’m feeling doooooooown

I can’t take it.  I’m tired of writing about the same thing over and over, but since there is no true spring training and our players are gallivanting with other team’s stars what else is there to do?

I love the WBC!

Wright gets knocked in the head the other day like Ryan Church last year.  It’s March and the man gets up and like a warrior gets back into a game the next day.  WFT?  I swear if I ever run into Jeff Wilpon I’m going have a mental breakdown.  A urologist is needed pronto to locate and repair his balls.  Why is Krod having a four out save in March?  Why wasn’t he on a plane home the after 1 pitch in the 9th when our representative (I assume we have one watching things) saw him come out for a 2nd inning?  Why is Perez throwing so many pitches in a start so early?   Why are they risking THEIR OWN 150 million investment for Bud?  

What was my name again? Point me toward 3rd base and I'll try and crawl out there..

They expect me to be invested with this team for the next six months and asked me (begged me) to buy season tickets for over a month now.  To that I tell them to go ask your manlover Bud for the money.  I really hope Wright is ok and I hope Jeff get a justified lashing in the NY press if he’s not.  If Krod loses gas this year, you can bet half of NY will be looking at the WBC.  Once again, BRING THESE ABUSED PLAYERS HOME.

By the way… give Pedro a one year two million dollar offer and let it sit there.  If he wants it,  great.  If not, he’s only got 10 starts in him anyway.  I’ll probably not be able to watch a Livan start (boring as hell), but if he’s the 5th starter we’re ok.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


4 responses to “Help me if you can I’m feeling doooooooown

  1. Now, I’m not the biggest proponent of the WBC and, frankly, I don’t think I’ve watched more than 2 innings of it, but I will make this point. The last time the WBC was held was 2006. That year, we also had a ton of players participating and (maybe as a result, or maybe not) we came out of the gate hot and ran away with the division early. maybe playing in these “meaningful” games gets the guys in mid-season form quicker. I’m not saying there’s a direct correlation, but just food for thought.

  2. I agree with that much, I just hate the risk and don’t know how this effects the pen down the road.

    I expect a fast start and it wouldn’t be a shock if the WBC helps that happen. I just think the cost is too high.

  3. There is no cost. These guys don’t live in a box to be taken out for their game and put back in. There exists a pitch count, and anyone that’s going to extend themselves past what they’re ready for (I.E. not get ready for) is going to find it hard to tough out a full season anyway. So K-Rod through a lot of innings..but he threw a lot of innings last year and we still signed him. It’s still 15 days until Opening Day, and he’ll be back shortly. He was ready to pitch, and if anything, getting these guys going is going to help them.

    Wright could’ve gotten run into, or fouled a ball off of his toe in Spring Training, in the batting cages, or hurt himself walking down the street.

    Some of them say they feel more pressurei n these games than in the Playoffs. All this means is that th pressure of NY, or the pressure of a big spot down the stretch is no big deal to them. They won’t fold and collapse, they won’t crack under the pressure.

    Did you watch these games? They were fun, and many, especially Delgado and Beltran, look ready to beat up the NL East.

  4. I don’t doubt they were fun… I love baseball. From a personal standpoint though, I have no interest in watching my guys play with the enemy, so it’s not my bag in that respect. Jimmy Rollins and I are both Americans, but so are most of those guys on the other “country’s” teams. They are the enemy because in Baseball land, there is no America…there’s just Mets, Phillies, Braves, Yankees etc…

    Aside from the injury factor, there’s another issue. The intermingling of players is already a widespread problem in baseball and I’m afraid this feeds the problem.

    As far as pitch counts and players pushing it… K-Rod never had a 4 out save last year and his WBC manager allowed him to go where the Mets would have stopped him. Wright could have gotten hurt anywhere, but what about the Red Sox injuries? They were all muscle & tendon issues..

    I actually agree with you about the early pressure being a very positive thing. My point was that weighing that against the injury factor doesn’t add up for me. If Krod reaches into his arsenal and there’s nothing left, what good is a prepared mind?

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