Spring Report

I like what I see from the team this spring. More importantly, I really like what I see from Jerry the Gangsta. This is HIS team folks, something that we haven’t seen since Bobby V. Willie seemed to “play the part” while Jerry is the part.


I went to the game, well sort of, today. It rained, and I had to get on the road – so I didn’t see too much of it. I did see pre-game, where Jerry was signing autographs and talking with fans. He really loves this team, and he is a take charge guy. I can see why the players bonded with him as a bench coach, and really liked playing for him last year. I am excited to see what he can do with this team for a full year.


I also had my annual “words” with Omar. I usually see him once a spring and omar21tell him how I feel about the team. If you ever have the chance to talk to him do it, he is very engaging. A few years ago I said to him “Omar, PLEASE find a taker for Matsui” he laughed and actually said he was trying (half joking). Today, he was walking through Ft. Lauderdale stadium among at least 65% Mets’ fans, and no one seemed to notice him. I called out his name and thanked him for the bullpen. He smiled and gave a thumbs up. I mentioned this in a previous post, but you really do have to have your eyes open during spring games. I went to an Astros/Phils game last week and while I was exiting there was Miguel Cairo and Raul Ibanez standing by their car in the parking lot. People were walking by them without even noticing them – some of them were autograph seekers as well. Since they were Phillies’ fans, I didn’t let them know who they were missing. Sorry folks- oh, and don’t wash all of those new red shirts with whites!!! 


I have many memories of Ft. Lauderdale stadium, from the 80’s, some of which I have to get around to posting here. I was a autograph hound and loved talking baseball with players. Unfortunately, from a fan perspective, much of this was with Yankees – Winfield, Mattingly, Henderson, Tommy John, but also many visitors – Boggs, Rice, Valentine, Brett, etc.


I have seen the Mets a few times this year, and I see a different focus. The easiest way to explain it is that they look like seniors in high school. They are having fun, they are used to one another, but at the same time are extremely focused in what they are doing. I like it.



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8 responses to “Spring Report

  1. This blog is akin to “The Best TV show no one watches”!

    Thats a compliment, but, you all know that!

  2. where was Jerry talking with the fans? I was down there, sweating it out waiting to get my scorecard passed over to him. Yes, he was good about signing for a long time, but he chose to sit in front of a restricted area which made it very difficult for him to sign or talk to anyone.

    I probably saw Omar walking around about 3 times (with his kid), and that was only until I found a comfortable seat near the end of the rain delay.

    the game wasn’t much to see. neither is the stadium.

    and i do like reading others reports from Spring Training. I was there for part of it.

  3. It was really only restricted when another usher came over and put the cabosh on it – the older female was willing to let people in there one by one. I actually had a seat under cover – last minute purchase which worked out (on the third base side). How about that grounds crew? My nephew actually video recorded the event – I should post it here- hysterical.

  4. i was thinking that a video of the tarp would be classic.

    i was on the side between home plate and jerry trying to get things passed over to him, and an older lady (a fan) was playing courier and was ready to give up just before i got my turn. i gave her one of my waters for her efforts and left, so i didn’t see when or how it ended. i was just enough under the overhang from the pressbox by the mets dugout to not get terribly wet when it started, but sat under cover for the rest of the day.

  5. As it was happening Eddie was on the phone with FAN. I also had a close friend there telling me what was happening, sounded hysterical.

    Post the video.!

  6. that woman in the black shirt announcing who each autograph was for? I was right behind her. Going to try and get that video on here.

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