Bring on the “Sheff”


Update: According to Kay in NJ, via WFAN, the deal is done. Good reporting Kay, and welcome aboard Sheff. Hit the ball and everything else will take care of itself!!!!


It certainly won’t be a popular opinion, but I would love to see Sheffield in a sheff_11Mets’ uniform. For me, it basically boils down to a few primary issues/reasons:


1) The Mets are lefty heavy, especially at the bottom of the order. Sheffield would help balance things out. Reyes, Murph, Wright, Delgado, Beltran, Sheffield, Schneider, Castillo looks much better than the back to back Church and Schneider (both of whom have yet to establish a solid track record against lefties).


2) Like Alou, this guy can mash. He is a feared hitter and would get plenty of RBI opportunities on the Mets. He hits to all fields and would compliment approaches by Wright, Beltran, Murphy, and even Delgado (who this spring is hitting opposite field).


3) He has proven that he can handle New York. His numbers in NY were gary3outstanding. Gary is a player that needs to be challenged, and NY will definitely challenge an athlete.


4) He can defend as well as Church, so you don’t lose defense (as you would from a player like Manny- sorry Kay). Yes, he would essentially be replacing Church (who I like) and not Murphy, although I could see a scenario, if picked up, where he and Church could be in the lineup at the same time.


5) His negativity is blown out of proportion. He speaks his mind, as Sean Casey noted on MLB (he played with him), but he is regarded as a great teammate. I see him the same as Pedro, and he showed us all that he was a “stand up” guy. I want a guy on my team, at times, that has a F**K you attitude. Just imagine pitching to someone like that. Plus, Jerry is a “gangsta” that can handle anything.


6) As a social scientist, I think the Mets would benefit from having an African American starter on their team (Marlon Anderson is the only African American player on the roster), especially since they are paying homage to Jackie Robinson in Citifield.   Along similar lines, how cool would it be to have Dwight’s nephew open the new gary4house?


Posted by Gene Anthony


7 responses to “Bring on the “Sheff”

  1. While I would not mind adding a RH bat to the lineup, Sheffield is not the same “masher” he used to be and to say you would not lose any defense by replacing Church with Sheffield is quite a stretch considering Church is a much better fielder and concerning the throwing arm and accuracy it really is not even close as Church is the much better defensive player. Wherever Sheffield ends up you can be sure that if he does not see 95% of the playing time he will not be happy and it will not just be a case of saying “well every professional athlete wants to play all the time,” he would certainly become a problem and in the long run not worth the trouble.

  2. if he needs to hit to get his “95% playing time” he will hit. I believe that he can still hit 25-30 homeruns with his eyes shut, who was the last Met right fielder to do that? If the Phils get him, it’s going to be an extremely potent addition to a powerful lineup.

  3. Gary Sheffield’s production has fallen off drastically the last few years with a good amount of playing time(400+ AB in 2007-2008). If the Mets could replace Marlon Anderson with Sheffield I would be all for it. I would put Sheffield in the lineup against LH starting pitching and take out whoever shows they do not hit LH pitching very well between Murphy and Church. I just do not think Sheffield would accept being a part-time player and I would only want to give him about 300-350 AB. The days of Sheffield hitting 25-30 HR are probably over as are the days of him being an everyday player.

  4. If the Tigers were willing to let him go while still having to pay him $14 mil, I would say that he’s probably done. Remember how quickly these guys who juiced break down. McGwire, Sosa, Bonds…all of them went from dangerous hitter to useless in a very short period of time. This could be the case here too. I also don’t think Sheffield’s personality would mesh well on this team; especially if he’s relegated to a bench spot with limited at-bats.


  5. Dan, I see your point BUT he still has more power than anyone on the bench. He’d also get several starts with Church, Murphy, and even Delgado in the starting lineup – teams will load up their lefties against the mets. Given what the Mets would have to pay him, I see him as a somewhat faded 1985 corvette for $3,500.00- for the price, worth the risk.

    **Sheffield’s worst power years are still better than Church’s best – ya never know.

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