And so it begins…

This lights up nice

Yesterday I got the first chance to see a major league game at Citi Field and get the sense of how it’s going to play.  I also got the chance to see the “bell and whistles” they put on the park over the last week. Click here for photos and here for a very short video

Welcome to the Black Monster. It's nice to see retired numbers & home runs die at the same time

 First the important stuff.  You’ll read quite few articles today on how big the field plays, but you have NO IDEA how extreme it is.  The wall in left is a million feet high and I saw at least two shots (one from Tatis) die even before approaching this big black monster in left.  I believe the only one with the power to regularly clear that wall in left is Delgado and he’s a lefty who’ll be doing damage in the right field corner.  If Wright wants to poke a few out this year, he better go the other way a LOT.  A positive is that this is Oliver Perez and Livan Hernandez’s wet dream.   Seriously, I’d have Olle make as many starts here as they can and same with Livan.  That 3 run homer Perez loves to give up in the 6th all the time will become a Fenway single.  All those righty bats facing him are going to have a nightmare.  Good luck Sheff!  I also saw a wicked bounce off an angle in right field.  A shot down the line hit an edge and slammed right back at the right fielder.    That’s going to be tricky…

Come here you big plastic thing you...

From an esthetic perspective, they did improve the park in terms of Dodger to Met propaganda.  There are now multiple things hanging all over the place that let you know who plays in the park and amazingly enough…. have doctored the outfield wall to look like AT&T Park in San Fran.  Yes…. They actually honored the “other” old NY team with the black and orange coloring.  If you haven’t seen it first hand yet, think of AT&T meeting Fenway with the batting area looking like Wrigley.  The also have a banner by the retired numbers for Bill Shea. Not so bad…

This is going to be an adventure

 The only remaining issues I see are #1 the men’s urinals.  Fred, please either put barriers between them or do the old European thing and just drill holes in the floor for us all to communally pee into.  Really, I don’t want to whip it out front of strangers.  There’s more privacy if you pee out the building from the staircases. #2 Someone will eventually either fall off that Subway overhang in right trying to catch a home run (ouch!) or actually steal a high fly from the Right Fielder and make it a homer.  They need to think that one a through a bit more or don’t sell beer in that section.

Everyone is always happy here! Even me!

Lastly, it would have been cool to have a little more flash yesterday.  I know they want to save it for “Opening Day”, but everyone in there felt like they were going to the first Mets game.   Johnny Franco threw out the first pitch in the St John’s game last week and some random woman threw this one out.  At least go grab someone in the booth to do it…

P.S. Two last tips.  #1 Go hit that Shake Shack in center.  The lines are as long as Disney, but that’s a damn good little burger. #2 Make sure your first time in Citi is not a sold out game.  Because it’s so mobile and everyone wanders everywhere… it can get a little crowded.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


5 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. Great report Nik. I am excited to see the stadium but don’t look forward to people walking around constantly. I like the idea of not going to a sold out game, though for the Mets’ sake hope those are few. Oh, and man up and wear a diaper would ya – this way you could see more and not have to piss at the trough!

  2. If you don’t dig crowds… your first time should be against the Nats with 20K in the park. The St John’s game had 25K (aprox) and that was perfect.

    Next time I go… a diaper it is!

  3. I guess I will have to give the ladies room report after I go. Pics are great as always.
    I hope this walking around thing isn’t going to annoy me.

    Tell me Nik whats the vibe like, it’s different isn’t it?

  4. The vibe is actually a bit more communal than Shea, with more action away from the playing field. Also, everyone is happy and that rubs off.

    I can see the stands being less full for a while as people roam around/ hang out by something and aren’t so quick to go back to their seats. There is a LOT to do. Also, with everyone hanging out on the field level and it can get a little crowded.

    The upper decks are actually a cool place to be… it’s got a nice vibe that’s perfect for summer.

    You’ll really enjoy it…

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