K-tastic – Mets 2 Reds 1 4/6/09

Thanks Omar!

Yesterday was a wet dream of an opening day for our favorite distraction. How weird was that feeling of calm after you watched the first batters Green, Putz and KRod faced and realized one by one that this year will be different. Obviously, I’m glossing over the fact that the offense did the usual late game disappearing act (maybe Sheffield wasn’t such a terrible idea), but today it’s all about our shiny new bullpen. Man, I hate watching Brian Schneider hit…. no wait wait wait….. the pen baby. It’s all about the pen….

Looper doesn't live here anymore

This spring all I kept hearing about was how great Putz is and how we’ll want to switch him with Krod by July. Putz was nasty yesterday and every bit the closer we’ve always wanted. That fastball actually reminded me of Randy Myers….good stuff.

That being said, this was the first time I watched Krod closely since he’s been here and well, damn that’s fine cookin’! After the first batter in the 9th, I knew there would be no rocket shot to tie the game, no heartbreak to ruin my day, no loss today.

Suddenly, the fear is gone.

After a good Mets win, one thing I love doing is going on other team’s message boards and watching the game unravel for them post by post. I’ll post the best comment after a really fun win and give you a link to enjoy. Today’s best quote from the Reds Forum “The Mets will probably win the NL Pennant, and maybe even the World Series, so I see no shame in a 2-1 loss” I remember Met teams that made me think like that too.

Let the B-Numbers begin! Today is #1, as in an old heartbreaking loss that is now a win.

Later today, the fine feathered team that is Kiner’s Korner will be posting predictions on the divisions and all sorts of fun stuff. Another feature we’ll have here over the season is a great idea by Gene Anthony where we’ll be charting games the Mets would have lost last year with the old bullpen. Today falls right in that category. Let’s call it the Benitez Meter… So far the number is 1.


Posted By Nik Kolidas


8 responses to “K-tastic – Mets 2 Reds 1 4/6/09

  1. YES, perfect, though we don’t have to just reserve it as only the Benitez meter (or just call it that and show the other slugs)- lol. I can see Heilman, Shoe, Wagner, Looper, Rojas, Sisk, Franco et al. in there as well.

  2. Hell Yeah… we have a whole attic worth of heartbreakers to choose from :) Benitez can be the Chairman Of The Board… but it truly is a Board Of Directors.

    We can see how a game “feels” and judge which pitcher would have blown it. Last night felt like a Looper…

  3. Let’s get a picture of F R A N Kay I E in a proper uniform, please.

    First time ever I watched part of a game twice.

  4. I wanted a photo where he looked crazy and last night was his first Met moment. They’ll be coming…

  5. Sure do! By the way, you know you’re getting noticed when people start making fun of your last name lol

  6. I was thinking today that I didn’t remember too many, if any, 2-1 games last year. Talk about a pathetic soul- I checked. We lost three 2-1 games in a row to the Padres in June and won ONLY 1 game all friggin year 2-1 (against Colordao on July 11) – unreal.

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