Ollie, I Mean the Mets, Fall to Reds 8-6 4/9/09

First, understand that it is very tough to sweep a MLB team (just ask the Braves). While that is not a rationalization for today, it sure makes things a bit easier. The positive – the offense looks very relaxed and confident. Over the last couple of years, it seemed like a four run deficit was unmanageable. While the Mets did not complete their comeback today, you have to like the “chipping away” that was done. It reminded me of the 2006 squad that always seemed to keep the pressure on the opposing team. BTW, Delgado looks like he is picking up where he left off last year – nice AB against his nemesis Rhodes. Feliciano looked sharp as well, and D-Murph knows how to play this game. He has the baseball smarts of a young Alfonso – beautiful read on the “duck fart” by Wright, making it to third with ease. Oh, and Church does not seem to want to hand over right field to no one – keep hitting Ryan.


The real glaring negative, DUH, was Ollie. I usually feel bad when a reliever lets inherited runners score, but felt that Mr. Perez deserved that today. The team gives you a 3-run lead and you lose focus and hand it back in the next half inning?. From now on, when I space out or drift off perez2at work, as you should do, I am going to call it “An Ollie”. It’s only one game, but based on his spring (and last season); I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go down in AAA for a few starts to work on things like Trachsel a few years ago. Niese could replace him, and it just might wake him the F up!


Tomorrow is another day, and baseball is a big part of our lives, but losses happen! I want to send out a special thanks to a young man from New Jersey, Eddie, that has made a special choice to serve our country in the U.S. Military. He left today, and all of us at Kiner’s Korner wish him well – be safe kid!



Posted by Gene Anthony


One response to “Ollie, I Mean the Mets, Fall to Reds 8-6 4/9/09

  1. I love the cross between Murphy and a young Alfonso. I can totally see it, although unlike Fonzie, Murphy isn’t really 34 years old haha. Fonzie had that “in control” aura that Danny M has each time he steps to the plate.

    I also am 100% in favor of sending Ollie down if we see two more like this in a row. Not two more bad starts just from the sake of numbers, but two more starts where he doesn’t compete and the deer in headlights takes over his body.

    If I were the Mets I might at least shut him down (start wise) until he can crack 90 on each fastball. I don’t know if it’s mechanics or what, but he isn’t smart enough to pitch at 85 mph

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