Castillo’s Value: Durkheim’s View


The papers, blogs, and forums alike are focusing on the relative worth (or lack thereof) of Luis Castillo. It is rather well known that the Mets tried to dump Castillo but were strangled by his contract. Orlando Hudson had his bags packed for NY, and instead settled on LA. Castillo claims that he is healthy and ready to go, but his performance through the first four games say something otherwise. Folks, make no mistake about it, just as Church needs to hit to keep Sheffield sitting, Castillo has to come out of the gate quick to avoid the barrage of boos that he is likely to hear in NY next week. This could conceivably spiral out of control as it has in the past with players such as Sisk, Bonilla, Cedeno, Benitez, Matsui et al.


There was an attempt to put Castillo in the lead off spot, but then that would displace a number of players from their “usual” hitting positions. It is much easier to put him 8th and see if he can walk and do some “little things”. The problem, for fans, is that he is not doing ANYTHING – even his defense is shoddy.


I’ll take a sociological approach, endorsed by Emile Durkheim (and others) – Luis serves a functional purpose to this team. What is that you ask? Simple, for better or worse, Luis takes the brunt of the negative energy for the team, allowing us to ignore other issues such as:


o       Wright’s early inability to knock in runs

o       The bridge in the bullpen to the set up guys/closer

o       Starters going five or less innings

o       Schneider’s weak hitting

o       RISP

o       Ollie Perez and the case of the missing “focus”



Posted by Gene Anthony


One response to “Castillo’s Value: Durkheim’s View

  1. I’m not giving up on Luis….yet. But I mean at least last year even though he was terrible he rarely struck out. This year though, he’s K’ing a lot and rarely ever swings. Very frustrating hitter to watch…

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