“No Margin For Error” Marlins 5-Mets 4 4/10/09

It’s hard to lose a game like this because you really believed they always had this game within their reach. Here are some random notes from today

  • Castillo & Schneider are terrible& useless bats. When they hit, it’s like the pitcher is batting
  • Castillo is a sloppy 2nd baseman. In the 8th his reflexes weren’t fast enough to grab a ball he got to and then he botches a double play because of sloppy footwork
  • Maine is fine thank god and you can see he’ll be totally back. That’s the best news of the week.
  • Excellent fight back from this team and a promising bench
  • Parnell pitched well at first, but couldn’t deal with bloops and started over-throwing
  • Nice hit by Wright getting Murphy in from 2nd after the gift double
  • Putz doesn’t crumble when errors are made behind him… good sign
  • Jeremy Reed is the MAN… really nice swing after being cold on the bench. Put that in the memory bank…
  • Cantu’s defense is the only reason the Mets weren’t up by 2 in the 9th… nice reflexes
  • O’Day was chicken shit against Ramirez and Cantu (who you knew was getting a hit) did what he does. It’s hard to lose with Krod sitting in the pen

I hate these type of losses


Tell me Krod can’t pitch to one batter in the 9th and then come back for the 10th if needed. It’s demonizing to lose a game where you’re coming back. You need to limit these, so I’m not in love with Manuel’s choices here.

By the way… I’ll post those 2009 predictions at some point this weekend…

Posted By Nik Kolidas


5 responses to ““No Margin For Error” Marlins 5-Mets 4 4/10/09

  1. Yes, Maine seems to be back, which is an excellent sign. I’m almost happy no K-Rod last night, it’s the fourth game of the season and I wouldn’t want Jerry pushing him like that this early. As it was Jerry was bringing out all the stops by using his entire player roster in a 9 inning game.

    As far as Castillo and Schneider, they are rough. One thing that people from smaller or mid market teams don’t consider about teams that spend money, you often get STUCK with contracts and decisions. For far less money, the mets could have Pudge and Orlando Hudson. Who would bat 8th then?

  2. “Pudge and Orlando Hudson”… please don’t make me cry in my oatmeal :) I can’t believe we could have had both those options so cheap and we’re stuck with Gimp and Charlie O’Brien due to funds.

    I hope that when the year’s out… those rally killers don’t prove to be a big problem.

    I hear what you mean about K-rod, but still you need to limit those bad losses where you try and try and the pen keeps giving it back. I guess you can argue both ways…

  3. look for a huge game out of Livan, one of those emotional “Gooden against the Mets” games. I guess the offense is working, but it seems like it isn’t because of LOB, but you have to have them on to leave them on.

  4. I don’t know if it’s the exact same because they seem to be scoring as Gene said. They’re just always getting on base and innings need to end sometime. That said… I can see it getting better.

    Right now it’s all about proving they can hold a lead

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