Castillo 4-4, Mets beat Marlins 8-4 4/11/09


The Mets badly needed #5 starter Livan Hernandez to pitch well and eat innings. He delivered, giving up only 2 earned runs in 6 2/3 IP. The Mets offense knocked around Ricky Nolasco with Luis Castillo going 4-4 and the flaming hot Ryan Church getting 2 more hits. It was great seeing Livan keep the Marlins hitters off balance and getting out of early jams. If he can be the Livan of old (10-13 wins, 4 ERA) which he appears capable of after tonights performance, then the Mets rotation will look a lot better.


Castillo’s 4-4 came out of nowhere after looking clueless at the plate on Friday night. He also added a sac bunt on top of his 4 hits and even knocked in a run. I’m not going to get too excited yet but this was definitely a good sign from Castillo. The Mets also improved with RISP going 5-14, a huge improvement over the 1-12 performance from Friday. All in all, this was a very good game for the Mets, the only negative being the continued struggles of Darren O’Day. However, he likely would have finished the 9th inning if not for a throwing error by David Wright. Tomorrow the Mets take on the Marlins at 1:10 in what should be a great pitching match up between Johan Santana and Josh Johnson as the Mets try to take 2 out of 3 from the Marlins and finish the road trip at 4-2 before heading to the new Citi Field Monday to take on the Padres.

Posted By Anthony Agnese


4 responses to “Castillo 4-4, Mets beat Marlins 8-4 4/11/09

  1. and just like that Castillo’s average looks good- go figure. In fact, he really was 5-5, but they took that hit away on the bunt and gave him a sac. Credit Jerry for challenging Castillo before this game. Livan was great and thus far our real wildcard is Mr. Perez. Go get em Santana tomorrow!!!

  2. I didn’t get to see much of the game, I was following it through gameday and was only able to catch about 2 innings of the game. But from what I saw Castillo was a lot more aggressive at the plate. I guess Luis finally figured out that you have to swing to get hits.

  3. Manuel read him the riot act about swinging and it might have paid off. There were no solid hits, but Castillo hasn’t had a solid hit in his life. I’ll take those “pushed into the outfield” hits anyday from him…

  4. I heard the Marlins announcers calling Bonifacio a “young Luis Castillo” because of the way he just slaps the ball around and uses his speed to get on base. Luis doesn’t have that speed anymore so he has to actually get the ball out of the infield to get hits. Yesterday he did a good job of that, lets hope it continues.

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