Murphy’s Unhappy Recap: Mets Lose 2-1

errorThere are two guys on the Mets that I would not want to be part of game costing error, and as Murphy’s Law would have it Daniel is one of them (Wright is the other). The rest of the guys could shake it off, or not even care (leaving the manager/coaches to teach them to care), but Murphy and Wright are rough enough on themselves. It is part of the learning process kid and be thankful that Ollie wasn’t on the mound or it would have been 10 additional runs.


That being said, Santana pitched his butt off today, ending with a better line (minus the precious W) than Johnson. Johnson pitched a hell of a game, but in a bulldog manner. Santana folks is an ace – plain and simple. I wouldn’t mind a few of his starts being against someone other than the other team’s best. Today’s game would have been an excellent game to watch if you were a fan of any other team but the Mets. The Mets didn’t lay down and die, the bullpen didn’t blow it, nor did Castillo do something/nothing to get us all heated up (his error didn’t matter). It is what it is – a crappy loss (they all are). The great thing about baseball is that there is a tomorrow, one that begins a new era for the Mets.


Random Screams – the Marlins’ announcers are the most jealous SOBs in the baseball community. They take homer to a new level, and this is not just a Mets’ fan screaming here, many say it. Watch a game of theirs and you will see too, they recite stats on each player incessantly – ugh! They are one of the least knowledgeable valises (as my uncle would say) out there. They also seem to hate the Mets more than most, and refuse to accept the fact that S. Florida does not deserve a baseball team. The Marlins are solid, but their fans suck. They need a promotion every night, as well as a giveaway, and refuse to accept that they draw more Mets’ fans than Marlins’ fans. It has nothing to do with heat or rain, South Florida is for football. The new stadium will draw some, but will wear off. Did anyone else notice all the orange seats today for a Santana-Johnson pitchers duel? Give me a break.


P.S. Nik, I am sick of taking the losses- lol.


Posted by Gene Anthony


13 responses to “Murphy’s Unhappy Recap: Mets Lose 2-1

  1. The Marlins announcers are awful. I’ve listened to almost every teams broadcast team and the worst are the Marlins, Nationals, Braves, and Reds. But the Marlins have by far the worst broadcast team, huge homers and get way too amped up over wins in April.

  2. Here’s the deal. First off, say whatever you want about the Marlins announcers, fine. I lived in NYC, and both the SNY and YES teams do a great job of announcing games. Have you noticed the difference in production values between YES/SNY and any Marlins broadcast on SUN Sports or FSN – whichever station the game happens to appear on? You’ve got more resources and better quality broadcasts, hands down; I wouldn’t be surprised if the Marlins announcers have little or no support and are doing all the research and camerawork themselves.

    Second, Miami is a football city, no doubt about it. But 34k on opening day and 39k on yesterday’s game against the Mets is not fluke. In fact, 39k would have resulted in a sellout in our new stadium, meaning thousands would’ve been turned away…The opening day crowd may have been a sellout too. I’d really like to see Mets fans fill out a 76,000+ stadium every game if the MTA didn’t exist and they had to drive everywhere (alright, alright, not all 76k are open for every game, it’s closer to 50k, but if the demand were there it would be).

    The Fish win a World Series every 6 years, and we’re up again. Yes, to address this tired point (again), there are many Mets fans who live in Miami…I wonder why? Queens is a hellhole beyond the Vernon Blvd stop on the 7 – I would, and did, get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

    Anyhow, those are my 2 cents…I’ll get check back at the end of the season when we eliminate the Mets from playoff contention for the third consecutive year. Peace.

  3. Let’s shed a tear another CRUSHING blow to the Mets, boo-hoo. Now we’re making you look bad in April AND September. I heard a rumor that you may or not be able to disprove. Supposedly (pure speculation here), after Mets Meltdown Part Deux, Loria struck a deal to bring SHEA STADIUM to MIAMI. He figured since we closed it, we owned it. See you in September, if your games still matter at that point. At least when the fish run away with the division and leave the Mets on the sidelines AGAIN it won’t be called another Mutts Meltdown.

    It’s bound to come up as a trivia question…”What team single-handedly took the New York Metropolitans (lmao what an intimidating name) out of playoff contention two years in a row?” “Ahem, that would be the Florida Marlins”.

    Oh and before you go around talking about Santana, remember he was part of the Marlins organization first. And OUR ace, Johnson is 2-0 with a 0.59 ERA and he delivered MLB’s first complete game in 2009, it won’t be his last. He’s 9-1 since July. You’re going to be looking UP at the standings all season.

    *NOTE* Johan could have been a 23 game winner last year if it hadn’t been for your horrible bullpen.

  4. Wow – love the football mentality to a baseball discussion. The Marlins as a franchise have been extremely successful- no doubt.

    As far as fans, been there several times, they don’t know shit about baseball (as a whole). They like players (e.g., Lowell, Floyd, Pierre, Conine), and that is it. You do well in openers, as any team should, but can’t sell out – give me a break. Try getting an opening day ticket, the day of, anywhere else. Again, fans are for football – can I get a Dolphins ticket on gameday? B

    As far as bouncing a team from playoffs, keep that as your goal. If you know baseball, when there is absolutely no pressure on a team, it’s easier to perform.

  5. Since the current stadium holds over 60k+ fans it is easy to see why there are plenty of tickets available even on Opening Day. So even when they sell thousands of tickets the stadium looks empty since it’s at half capacity. The new stadium will hold 34,000. Take a stab at the attendance for Opening day and last Saturday’s game; 34,000 and 39,000 respectively. Marlins will have sellout crowds regularly once they are in the new facility. Simply put, fans don’t rush to the games because there are SO many seats available. More tickets less demand, fewer tickets more demand.

    Also, I’d like you to join the Marlins on a Wednesday or Sunday 1:10PM start and see if your body can hold from dehydrating under the blazing heat. Overall attendance suffers because of strenuous weather conditions. I’m a diehard fan and have witnessed first-hand the incredible heat at the games during the day. The new facility’s roof should help with this and rain delays.
    So it’s not that we’re not a baseball town. If you still think otherwise then you need to come down here more often to witness the passion South Florida has for its team. And lay off Rich and Tommy, they are way better than the monotone robots they dish out on national television. Blame them for their enthusiasm, but that’s all

    BTW bouncing the Mets has never been a goal, merely a pleasure.

  6. Tony,
    C’mon, the heat thing doesn’t mean crap. I actually lived in S. FL for the better part of my life and the sun may affect NYers but not Floridians. People still go out and do things, even when it’s hot- northerners stay out of the sun when its hot. Football in Aug will still draw, as do other sports.

    Regarding the announcers, HOMERS suck to listen. Mainly breaking chops here, but mark my word – baseball will not survive in Miami attendance wise, just as it has trouble in St. Pete (with a roof).

  7. First off, I respect the Mets just like I respect any rival. But New York fans LOOOOOVE to rip on South Florida teams. As a Miamian I taken a good look as to why non-Football attendance sucks in this town and I just ask that you weigh the facts I present:

    History: Mets founded in 1962 and the Marlins in 1993. You guys have a few generations of fans invested emotionally into the team. As a 24 year old, I’m part of that first generation of childhood Marlins fans. I’m fortunate to have a great career so far, but most of peers are just crawling out of college, so paying for baseball tickets are the least of their concerns. Also, the Mets filled the void left by the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Markets: Seriously, the NYC market is one unto itself. Size: 18,815,988 (2007 est.) Miami Metro: 5,413,212 (2007 est). You guys are more than 300% of the Miami market. So you can accomodate the Yankees, the Mets, another team, and a AAA team.(Hell, you guys had the Yanks, Dodgers, and Giants at one point) Also, we must take the individuals living in that market to begin with. First, Miamian is a weak identity. New Yorkers are a proud bunch and many of your transplants, especially the annoying, trendy, artsy Manhattan crowd adopts NYC with open arms. Its trendy to wear a Yankees cap, even if you have no clue who Don Mattingly is. If you’re a New Yorker and you move to South Beach, you’re still a New Yorker. Factor in our mostly immigrant population (and I mean RECENT immigrants). Most don’t have a taste for major league baseball (say what you will about the Cubans and Dominicans living here) and many are poorer families with many children. New York is filled with many more people with disposable income. Speaking of transplants, Broward County is filled to the brim with your kind, which won’t adopt our teams down here. So yes, Yankees, Mets, Knicks, and Jets games will flash good amounts of blue or green.

    Geography and Infrastructure: Miami is not conducive to transporting masses of people to one location. Our public transportation S-U-C-K! Sucks! Sucks! Sucks!. No subway, no reasonably prices taxis, no nothing. Our crappy metrorail is just now intending to have the Orange Line which will go by Dolphin Stadium. Also the Miami Metro area is vertical, where NYC Metro area is pretty much a semi circle around the City. So what’s easier? Traveling north or south on a narrow strip? Or taking any variety of transportation method that one way or another leads to the center? I’ll also gladly admit that Miami/Miami-Dade County urban planners are corrupt and incompetent. Think Boss Tweed but with a last name that ends in “ez”. Also, our urban centers are NOT social centers unlike NYC, for the exception of the congested Downtown area itself. The surrounding areas suck. Not places you wanna stop and have a drink at a bar or go shopping. More so than the Bronx or Flushing Meadows. Finally, NYC is the media and business capital OF THE WHOLE FRICKING WORLD! You guys have no problem throwing money together to keep your team afloat. The Yankees have the GDP of the country of Eritrea. Miami is a tourism city and many of our millionaires (much fewer than NYC’s total) can’t even claim their earnings on their taxes, if you know what I mean.

    It really irks me that the fans and media have not analyzed the situation of the Miami market. I simply point to the Dolphins. The original team that has worked its way into Miami’s social fabric. The Heat is starting to come around. Remember, the Heat came about in 1988. Marlins and Panthers in 1993. The Marlins and Panthers have had to deal with dubious ownership who either sold away TWO World Series teams OR unable to put together even a 8th seed playoff teams for the length of the Bush Administration.

  8. Thanks Nik.

    I did forget one last point, discussed earlier. The Weather.

    Miamian or not, being in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity, and no shade is not fun for anyone that’s not from Kuwait.

    Also factor in the regular summer THUNDERstorms (rain or lightning-outs). Hurricanes and other tropical systems. Did I also mention that humidity that’s so suffocating that its hard to breathe?

    I appreciate the opportunity to defend my team. I look forward for the NL East being just as competitive and entertaining as the AL East. I hope maybe it will be the Mets trying to eliminate the Fish from a playoff spot, haha.

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