Mets balk away Citi’s 3rd opening day this year 4/13/09

Omar doesn't understand Shrinkage!

Banner night for NY Baseball yesterday wasn’t it? I’d snicker at Ching Ming’s problems if we didn’t have a little something stinking in Queens yesterday too. A few guys on this team have been shrinking like Constaza’s penis in water under pressure. The fundamental issue the last two years were players getting tight when the heat was on.  After watching it two seasons in a row, Omar did the right thing and simply cut away any dead weight. You can look at Scott Schoeneweis in Arizona to see that ruined pitchers don’t get fixed that easily.  Clearly, there is some cancer left in the body and Omar needs to cut it out before it infects the healthy players.

Hey ladies, Darryl Strawberry gave me an idea...

Off the bat, Pedro Feliciano (on of my favorite pitchers in 06) needs a change of scenery badly. All the screaming and excitement of him possibly getting out of that inning (man on third… no outs…. he gets the two outs he needs and proceeds to balk him in) was too much for him and he lost focus. That’s a really old story around here. A rookie mistake costing you a game is one thing, but a veteran getting rattled for the millionth time is not acceptable. The pen then responded like they should by shutting the door, but it was too late. How long until it starts rubbing off on the unaffected pitchers? While you’re flushing the bowl, toss Brian Stokes in there for me too as long as he won’t clog the pluming.

Random notes from the game:

  • Thank god Seaver was able to hit Piazza this time. Nothing is more depressing than seeing Seaver bounce a pitch with fat melting over his pants
  • I like Mike Piazza like the next Mets fan, but they’re making him out to be the 2nd most important player in Mets history. They need to ease up just a bit until he actually gets inducted somewhere for something as a Met.  So far, his latest accomplishment is having a pimply back.
  • I respect the risks that the armed forces take to make a living, but it seemed like GWB orchestrated that opening ceremony. SNY came up with more former mets than the Mets did. It looked more like a battle ground in Iraq than the opening of a Mets season. Was Jerry Koosman washing the few hairs he has left? Maybe Dwight was  on line at the Shake Shack and Darryl was getting a BJ in the clubhouse?
  • I can’t imagine how long the wait at the Shake Shack was yesterday. There are probably some people still there right now.
  • Nice to see Wright come through in the clutch like that… first great moment at Citi
  • Brian Schneider is the worst hitter ever anywhere at any time
  • I’m not worried about Mike Pelfrey. Let’s say that a few dozen times and see if we can make ourselves believe it. I hope this is a dead arm period because Maine & Junior Duque being #2 and #3 make me gassy.
  • I’m starting to wonder if Stokes & O’Day were a better choice the Dirty Duaner. Actually, I’m not wondering.
  • Thankfully for the sake of order in the clubhouse… it seems Krod is in fact slightly better than Putz on first look.

    Those were the days my friend. I thought they'd never end...

What can I say… the pressure is lessened tomorrow and they’ll probably play well. I just hope Omar puts a few things in the memory and cherry picks the little girls off this team as time goes on.

For your pleausure…lets forget about the loss and focus on this nice moment in the Mets history. Perhaps their FINEST moment ever. This is the greatest piece of audio ever recorded by anyone, anywhere and yes… I own this on vinyl. Anyone too young to have enjoyed these guys… listen to this and you’ll totally get it. I really freaking miss the 80’s…

I love the “yeah” right after Kevin Mitchell’s rant…

Lastly, Wayne “Larry” Hagin needs to know we don’t like homers in Metsland. The Daily News needs to know Larry isn’t his name.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


5 responses to “Mets balk away Citi’s 3rd opening day this year 4/13/09

  1. the Seaver smile is fake – he hated Doc’s success. Hook him up to a lie detector and guarantee he is happy for his demise.

  2. on the subject of piazza, it makes sense to have him catch it cause

    (a) he’s a catcher, it’s more fitting to have a guest catcher and pitcher when they’re two major stars

    (b) who else is a better position player? strawberry is the closest, and piazza arguably had a better time as a met. straw had the championship though

    (c) you bring up the backne again. so far the only person who is making an issue is a former times writer who was fired and writing for a blog, and loosely connecting backne with steroids. people with steroids get backne, but people with backne arent always on steroids. i’ve had acne on my back at times, and i’ve never seen clear or cream.

    so who should be in his place? strawberry, who is more known for washing away his career in cocaine? yeah, let’s take out an alleged drug user for an admitted one.

    (d) mike piazza was the face of the franchise for the youngest generation of met fans. it gives the old timer their guy and the under 25 crowd their guy.

    (e) it’s probably 60-40 that mike will go in as a met, especially since his most memorable moments came in ny (post 9-11 game, ws 2000, clemens vs piazza, etc) but the more appearances he makes with the mets, the more likely the HOF voters will think of him as a met

  3. Seaver thing for sure I agree with Gene on that one..

    HE ALSO needs a new jersey the thing is yellowed..

    Mike and the HOF.. I called there one day (yes I did) they took the time to explain to me how it works..almost 99% sure Mike will go in as a Met..

  4. Hey.. Piazza and Fonzie were my favorite Mets for 5 years so I feel what you’re saying. I don’t mind him catching the pitch, but where was everyone else? Also, Carter & Grote won titles with Grote being the only Met catcher having taken the team to two series.

    I’m 34, so it’s not like I went to a Jerry Grote Mets game.. I just respect what he means to the city.

    As far as the pimple back, I was trying to be funny. A lot of teams 90’s stars ended up with issues… it is what it is. As bad as Darryl & Dwight were with drugs, they cheated themselves, not the game.

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