Guess Who Showed Up? Mets Win First Game at Citi 7-2

ollie5Leave it to Ollie to brighten up tax day! Mr. Perez was very good tonight, working the change and battling during a couple innings that usually give him hell. I have to admit that watching him pitch gives me an ulcer, so even when he wins it is taxing (ok, I’ll stop the tax references). ollie6




A couple of quick game highlights:

  • Not a real highlight, but a real rough game for Murphy in the field. Way to take one for the team – no one is talking about Sheff’s fielding after tonight. Murphy was lazy on a fly ball allowing the runner to tag from first, freaked out with the same runner on second and spike a throw to right, and then managed to make Reyes the cutoff on a play at the plate – not good.
  • The Mets, again, put the guys on base, but managed to score minimally in the traditional way. The Padres gave the Mets four runs in the 7th on just one infield hit.
  • Brian Schneider still couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.
  • Reyes, in the 7th, gave tribute to Jackie Robinson by scoring from first on a wild pitch.
  • The bullpen was solid, which is still rather shocking for anyone that has followed the Mets over the past three seasons.
  • Delgado hit a ball that still has not landed – great sign!


Once this team starts hitting on all cylinders offensively watch out. I am still waiting for a couple of Mets’ laughers to let the starters relax a bit. As far as my Sheffield predictions from earlier today – call me Nostra Dumbass.


Posted by Gene Anthony



One response to “Guess Who Showed Up? Mets Win First Game at Citi 7-2

  1. We’re all a bit Nostra Dumbass because with the bags juiced and Shef up… I could smell the Grand Salami Sandwich and went to get a napkin to clean up the mess I was about to leave. Ah well!

    Good thought on Reyes… I thought Robinson too when he scored from first. If he gets off on that stuff, let him wear the Brooklyn Jersey under his Mets one. Whatever makes him do more of that.

    I can’t wait for Brian Schneider to be off this team. Really, it’s like watching the pitcher hit.

    I agree with you about Murph… he’s looking a little freaked out. He’s been 2 for his last 10 and looking panicked in the field. Maybe a day of rest is in order…

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