4-16 09 Mets lose to crap Padres again

I'll score later Peg...

So here I am, disgusted with the flaccid di-ck of a baseball team I watch when I see yet another hospital swarm like advertising buzzards over a corpse on SNY followed by a McDonalds commercial aimed at giving them more clients.  Why am I so upset about the ads on SNY?  Because my team can’t finish the job and everything I see is ugly right now.

Peaking early is the key to happiness

This team is Al Bundy falling asleep with his hands down his pants.  This team peeks early, has random adventures and ends up losing.  Forget Castro’s homer, there was no rally and no fight left for this bunch.  They seem to try really hard, but are mentally, emotionally or physically unable to act as a team.  Everyone is trying to hit a 3 run homer on every swing except Murphy and Gimp and Jose sometimes.

Some notes from this give back game to the lowly Padres.

  • Peavy was rattled by Reyes in the first, threw over 1000 times, Dan Murphy tortured him at the plate and with 2 men on he balks and before you know it one of the 3 run homers this team is always swinging for leaves the park.
  • Maine threw hard and refused to see he wasn’t facing the Phillies and decided to go at the Padres pace.   Mex called it once Maine let the bottom of the order get away. 
  • Jake Peavy licks his lips like they’re covered in chocolate crack. 
  • I’ve watched Wright strand runners on third too much the last two years.  I remember when he was more like Murphy.  I miss the old David Wright.
  • Brilliant move by Church bunting for a hit and great shot by Fats Castro who should be starting ahead of the Worst Hitter in the World.
  • I can’t believe they let Heath Bell complete his wet dream


Four games out… nice  shootin’ guys.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


20 responses to “4-16 09 Mets lose to crap Padres again

  1. You need more intensity – lol. Unreal, losses are NEVER fun, but when you are losing by one run nearly every time, it’s brutal. This “auto-pilot” approach that has become the Mets sucks. Wright is getting his hit per game but is wayyyyyyyy off, just as Rollins and Victorino are – I guess that WBC was well worth it.

  2. Please don’t start me on the WBC lol We’ll be here for hours…

    I wonder what I’ll think 20 years from now when I look back at this team… It’s like the 80’s Mets without 86 and any of the fun.

  3. i like this part:

    “Forget Castro’s homer, there was no rally and no fight left for this bunch. ”

    yes, forget the rally and fight to make it a 1 run game, cause than that wouldnt fit into my argument.

  4. A Homer isn’t a rally..it’s a lucky blow. I’m looking for a bunch of guys getting hits one after the other. They are all swinging for the fences all the time… that was my point.

    Dude, you saw the game… Castro’s homer came out of the blue. We had second and third a million times and everyone swang so hard they almost spun around like a cartoon.

    It seems like this team doesn’t rally… they hit a 3 run homer once a game and hope someone pops a second one to hold a lead. Am I wrong?

  5. in my opinion, yes. just because they fall short doesnt mean a rally didnt occur. you make it out like they were listless and didnt make an effort to get back. so if castro hit a three run homer to tie it it means they tried harder than if they’re one run shy?

    one thing i havent seen this season is a blow out or at least an attempt at a comeback. on opening day at citi wright hits a homer to tie the game. a church error and a feliciano homer results in a loss. that doesnt mean that wright’s clutch homer, and yes, a comeback in the 5th is still clutch, means nothing. if you’re going to say every inning and every play matters, than any comeback, even if it’s a dollar late and a run short, matters.

    what you’re attempting to do is finding a reason for your disappointment from the last 3 seasons, and that can mean only 1 of 2 options:

    1. they’re not good enough

    2. they’re not trying hard enough.

    i’d like to offer a third, unheard of option:

    3. the other team had a better game.

    i know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes it happens. pads have a great pen and shut down the mets, except sanchez (where have we heard that before?) after peavy holds them to 3 runs. they played a better game. that doesnt mean either team tried hard or had more heart. they had a better game. mets had a better game wednesday.

    it’s the first week of the season. not game 8 of 2006, game 162 of 2007 or 2008. let these guys have a chance to write their own story.

  6. If it’s occasional I agree, but the Padres didn’t play better than the Mets these last three games. I don’t remember any Padre rallies where someone didn’t drop a ball or screw up an easy play to start it off.

    I still stand by what I said. A 3 run homer does tie the game granted, but as displayed a few times already this year, it doesn’t induce a rally or nessesarly change the momentum of a game for this team. For other teams maybe, but I’ve seen this Mets team have countless great “moments” and almost always lose. 1 hitter by Maine, lose next day. Santana gem, lose next day. Endy catch, lose. Game tying homers, lose. They need to dig deep and figure out what that’s all about because I’m not dreaming it up.

    My argument is the moment is great, but never works for this team for who knows what reason. I’d rather see them come back with several hits in a row and build more momentum.

    I think you need a 4th choice which is: Too many run producers are unwilling to settle for a single. Maybe it’s the thought that the bottom of the lineup has no chance of sustaining a rally, but regardless… Unless a slugger connects, do you have faith this team can string together 2 singles and a double to win a game in the 9th? Every 9th inning I hope for it and I’m upset way too often.

    Also, by reading Padre forums and articles, their pen isn’t that great. The set up man was released by us last month and the closer is average, but angry at us. The rest of the pen is pedestrian at best.

    As far as it being early, we lost by one game the last two years. Every game counts.

    I never said the Mets don’t have heart… I meant they are too tight and not executing as a group.

  7. all i’m saying that to judge any team, good or bad, based on the first 8 games is foolhardy. some are tight from wanting to start the year well, some didnt have much of a spring training due to wbc or injuries, and a myriad of other issues. i think to try to get any thoughts on a trend is an effort in futility, rarely does a team in april play the same in june, let alone the entire season.

    instead of focusing on what’s wrong, you could look at what’s right. 4 out of 5 losses came on one run. usually that’s a good indication that a run is coming. you want your team to be in it, not be blown out.

    also, it’s too early to say that any team is crap (except maybe the nats). there are always a couple of surprisingly good teams, and for all we know we’ll look back at these games vs the pads as a series vs a tough opponent.

  8. I’m not judging based on 8 games because other than the pen, it’s the exact same team as last year. I’m juding based on seeing thenm over two full seasons… good and bad runs. You’ve got to realize I’m usually an optimist too, so it’s not like Beningo flipping out over nothing. I want them to take no prisoners rather than ask other teams stars to be their kid’s god parents.

    As far as the WBC, the players volunteered to play and it’s their professional responsibility to make sure it doesn’t effect their season. As a customer of their product, I’m going to be upset if they aren’t ready to go. They’re grown men.

    Here’s the thing about the 1 run games… this team rarely ever gets blown out. It’s always close. With our new pen, I’m sure games will be a lot closer even. The thing is, you can be the 69’ Mets and win a million one run games or the 92 Mets and lose a million. The difference is selflessness I believe. I’m not saying this team can’t do it… I’m saying I want them to.

    When I said they were carp… I meant their approach rather then their roster. On paper, it’s hardly crap as usual, but the games are played as a unit and they are not acting like one in my eyes.

    On paper, this team should almost never lose.

  9. no team wins on paper, and even the best teams of all time lost about 50-60 games per season, in fact one of the best teams, the 1998 yankees, started the season 0-4 which further shows how little these early games can indicate.

  10. Z- you take tonight’s game -we need new blood. Nik, you are under house arrest – lol. The frustration comes from the talent that this team has – it is also fueled by two previous seasons that resulted in blown leads down the stretch. For what it is worth, this team should have 3 straight playoff appearances. Instead, they are shaking off demons. We all know how this can spiral, even after 8 games, into a slow start- the fans on NY will remind the mets.

  11. No doubt! Speaking for myself, I see a 100 win team on paper and I compare what they should be doing to what they actually do. It’s hard not to get upset.

    As far as the 98 Yankees going 0-4. They were also a playoff team the two years before.

    Gene… I agree, I submit to house arrest lol. Robert, tonight is all yours.

  12. I appreciate it but remember, i’m jewish and a sabbath observer. something the nfl doesnt care about apparently when it comes to the jets.

    i gotta pass on tonight but i’ll take this sundays.

  13. Sounds good. I respect that. Well, I’m on house arrest, Emily is in Europe through next week and Tony is taking Saturday sooooo…. Hi Gene! :)

  14. Yes, and I am on the executive board, which reminds me since we are having a meeting need to come up with a few ideas about raising the reader level here. good blog though I may be, shoot, is it biased or un biased, I get confused. Lets have some sort of an on going contest. yes, yes I will toss in the prize….pair of tix down the road to keep em coming back..let me know..


  15. We actually get a lot of readers, just a small percentage comment.

    Kay… you’re our own younger sexier Joan Payson!

    Are you really sincere about the tix because I love making people jump through hoops errr… making people happy rather :)

  16. I want the same level here as the great one gets!

    Meant no disrespect..this you know..

    Sure I am serious.

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