Mets & Sheff hit 500 – Mets 5 Brew Crew 4 (4-18 09)

I’m not going to harp on the runners left on, I am not going to call this team LOB Mets, I won’t do it. I’ll save those posts for Nik!!!!


A win is a win and damn it, we finally had one go our way. Luis came through with a seeing eye hit and we were finally on the positive end of a squeaker. In the meantime, if at any point the Marlins want to start skidding, that would be cool with all of us here on Kiner’s Korner.


Game ball goes to Sheff for hitting #500 and helping the Mets to .500. I was semi- shocked to see the reception that he received. It’s hard to believe that he Mets Sheffield Baseballwas a late addition. I like the tough approach that he has on the field, and he is definitely a “knockaround guy”. He deserves a few starts, even if means that Murph rides the pine for a game or two.



Posted by Gene Anthony


4 responses to “Mets & Sheff hit 500 – Mets 5 Brew Crew 4 (4-18 09)

  1. ha! What LOB? This teams is perfect in every way :) Actually… yesterday had me really pumped.

    You could tell Sheff had been wanting to do that curtin call for 20 years, ever since he was a kid with the 86 Mets watching his Uncle’s buddies do it.

    I have to agree with you… I wouldn’t mind seeing him a little more often. Even if Mighty Murph has to take a short break.

    By the way..bad job by the Daily News & Post. The news calls it a tainted milestone and the Post doesn’t even have it on their front page online.

    Someday this Yanee bias will end. You KNOW if he was still in the Bronx the story would be different.

  2. Was pleased to see the “Shea” (thats what they will always be for me) faithful show him nice baseball love.

    Seems the team has taken to him and “everyone” near says he has been a fine addition.

    I find everything he says to be very sincere.

    Was a 30 cracker night, too much LOB!!

  3. Really… I heard over and over how his reputation for being a malcontent was bogus and I can totally see it. Kay is right..those guys really like him and he seems very happy to be here.

    In a way he’s always been a Met that’s never been a Met.

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