Santana Brilliant – Mets win 1-0 4/18/09

Santana was fantastic once again, going 7 innings and giving up 0 runs while striking out 7. I think he’s pretty much a lock to win the NL Cy Young.

The only problem I had with the game today was once again, the runners left on base. Wright is struggling badly with runners on and it seems everyone else is struggling as well. Today though, it did not matter as we had the best pitcher in baseball on the mound.

The bullpen was  lights out, it doesn’t get much better than Putz and K Rod to close out games. They teamed up to pitch 2 scoreless to hold the lead and get the Mets the win. K Rod ended the game with a thrilling strike em out, throw em out double play. This is a game the Mets would have most likely blown last year so this one is the 3rd Benitez Number.


Posted by Anthony Agnese


3 responses to “Santana Brilliant – Mets win 1-0 4/18/09

  1. The Mets did not win a single game 1-0 last year. One of the only saving graces here, from an offensive point of view, is that once the offense starts clicking – there will be some 10-2 games!

  2. The offense seemed to be clicking during the first series in Cincinnati but since then it has cooled off big time. I agree though, once the offense heats up watch out.

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