S.O.S. (Same Old Song) Mets Drop a Low Scoring Game 4-2 (4/19 09)


The Mets gift wrapped this game for the Brewers today. It’s early, but not too early to identify weaknesses. Thus far, the Mets have shown that they have problems getting runners in. I have watched thousands of baseball games and it is fairly difficult to have 12 hits, 5 extra base hits, two of which are triples – and score 2 runs!!! The hitters, with men in scoring position, look tight. A few at bats solidify my concerns, and sealed the Mets’ fate today:


  • Church’s 3 pitch strikeout AB in the 7th
  • Tatis’ 3 pitch, non sacrificing, strikeout AB in the 8th
  • Delgado’s double play (though, he is been doing well this year) in the 7th 

 A couple of other lowlights:

  • Not bunting Tatis is an obvious bad move today. Jerry could have easily sent Castillo in to bunt in that situation. I know he is trying to get Tatis Abs, but come on!
  • After Tatis struck out with two guys on, why not have Beltran try and swipe third with only one out. He was doubled off yesterday (in that move) and today as well on a 3-2 count, but like a reliever that fails the day before get him back on the horse. 

 The Marlins are hot, and it should not last, but the Mets find themselves 5 games out already. I hate to admit this out loud, but today was the first day that I actually considered what this team might be like with the core of Beltran, Reyes, Wright, Delgado (since 2006) broken up. I wasn’t thinking overhaul, but what if – what if, a Reyes or Beltran was traded for a stud pitcher and bulldog offensive player. Just a thought, but one that I would not entertain previously.  


Posted by Gene Anthony


One response to “S.O.S. (Same Old Song) Mets Drop a Low Scoring Game 4-2 (4/19 09)

  1. I do not remember, did Delgado swing at the first pitch in that AB, if he he did, that would be even worse, because the previous at bat was a four pitch walk to Wright…who for the first time actually had a good at bat in a big spot. The announcers were saying what a shick it was to see all of those sliders, well, have they been watching what I have been and how he has swung at so many of those trying to hit five run homers?

    And I totally agree, LEAVE THE SIGNATURE UP!Only allow Met greats to do it, but leave it up.

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