*gasp* 2009 Predictions

Ok, when I suggested to my fellow bloggers that we should make our predictions this year, they were not too happy about it. I totally understand as it’s really a useless activity based on picking your team first and then choosing other teams you haven’t seen much for future glory. On that note.. here’s the official Kiner’s Korner Predictions for 2009.

Gene Anthony

Ok …Predictions – both (AL & NL)…

  • Division winners – METS, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Toronto, KC, Texas (Wild Card St. Louis & Minnesota)
  • Standings in the NL East – METS, Atlanta, Florida, Washington, Philadelphia
  • Playoffs Predictions Rounds 1, 2 and WS Round 1 METS beat St. Louis, Pittsburgh beats San Diego, Toronto beats Minnesota, Texas beats KC. Round 2 Mets beat Pittsburgh, Texas beats Toronto. WS METS beat Texas in 5 games.
  • MVP – NL Lastings Milledge, AL Jason Giambi
  • CY Young NL Livan Hernandez, AL Kevin Millwood
  • Least Valuable Player (player not living up to his contact) NL Gary Sheffield (who will play way better than paid, thus not living up to his contract) AL Mark Texiera
  • Least Valuable Pitcher – NL Aaron Heilman AL Joba Chamberlain
  • Met starters predictions for this year and letter grade – (A-) Santana (22 wins) Pelfrey (14 wins) Perez 9 wins) Maine (14 wins) Hernandez (16 wins)
  • Year end grades for the Mets starting 8 Reyes (A-) Murphy (A) Wright (B+) Delgado (B-) Beltran (A) Church (B-) Schneider (C+) Castillo (A-)

Nik Kolidas

  • Division winners – METS, Cubs, Dodgers, Sox, Twins, Seattle (Wild Card Florida & Yankees)
  • Standings in the NL East – METS, Florida, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington,
  • Playoffs Predictions Rounds 1, 2 and WS Round 1 METS beat Cubbies, Dodgers beat Marlins, Red Sox beat Minnesota, Yankees beat Seattle. Round 2 Mets beat Dodgers, Sox beat Yankees. Series: METS beat Boston
  • MVP – NL Manny, AL Someone from the AL Central
  • CY Young NL Yohan, AL Halladay
  • Least Valuable Player (player not living up to his contact) NL Tie: Derek Lowe/ Garrett Anderson AL John Smoltz
  • Least Valuable Pitcher – NL Tim Redding AL Joba Chamberlain
  • Met starters predictions for this year and letter grade – (A) Santana Pelfrey (C+) Perez (C+) Maine (C+) Hernandez (C-)
  • Year end grades for the Mets starting 8 Reyes (B-) Murphy (B) Wright (B+) Delgado (B) Beltran (A) Church (B-) Schneider (D) Castillo (C)

Robbie Z
Before putting in my predictions I want to mention how foolish i feel early season predictions are. Baseball is a very volatile sport with too many factors. Injuries, call-ups, players unexpectedly having career or down years happen all the time.

On top of that, most baseball insiders are predicting heavy selling on this trade market. If houston, toronto, and san diego are out of it by june we may see 3 Cy young candidates on the block in roy oswalt, roy halladay, and jake peavy.

How am i going to predict where they go? Or anyone else.

But in the interest of fun, let’s see just how wrong i can be.

  • Division Winners: AL East: Red Sox AL Central: Minnesota AL West: Angels Wild Card: Rays

The Rays and Yanks are neck to neck in my mind over the wild card. I just think A-rod’s injury is going to hurt their offense more than they realize, and i don’t trust the overall team healthy. However, they may be too talented to be left out, and I don’t know if the Rays have the drive or made enough improvements for a repeat. The Sox are in my opinion the class of the AL, and the Central is the most unpredictable division. Detroit is the team most likely to have a fire sale, since that city’s economy is in ruins.

  • NL East: Mets NL Central: cubs NL West: Dodgers Wild Card: Phillies

Phils and mets are neck and neck for the division, but i think the mets pen additions will put them over the top. I also believe the mets might be better able to restock midseason than the phils. cubs and dodgers may have the division wrapped up before August. The NL is very weak this year aside from the east.

  • Standings in the NL East :Mets Phillies Braves Marlins Nationals

Might as well go with the consensus. Stick with the same bottom 3, pick’em at the top. injuries and the deadline will probably determine spots 1-4

  • Playoffs Predictions Rounds 1, 2 and WS wow, now this is an effort in futility.

Anyway, Mets over dodgers, cubs over phils, red sox over twins, rays over angels ,cubs over mets, sox over rays, sox beat cubs for WS

caveat: i’m assuming cubs get peavy and mets have the same rotation. If things don’t work out that way, who knows?

  • MVP AL: If Holliday stays with A’s i’m going with him, else i’m picking Justin Meaurneau to pick up his 2nd MVP NL: Chase utley will become the 3rd phils infielder to win an MVP
  • CY Young AL: Roy halladay if he stays in AL, else felix hernandez will win his first as he reaches his NL: Johan santana
  • ugh, i hate LCP type stuff

If you’re referring to this past offseason, i’ll go with edgar renteria. giants really moved too fast and didn’t read the market. Honorable mention are ollie perez and aj burnett (if not healthy)

  • Least Valuable Pitcher Dontrelle Willis. bet the tigers want a do-over.
  • Met starters predictions for this year and letter grade johan: 19-6, 2.9 era, A pelf: 15-8 3.8 era, B Maine: 14-7 3.4 era, B+ (i think people are underestimating him and the impact his injury had in 2008) perez: 12-9 4.4 era C i’m leaving out the 5th. too volatile.
  • Year end grades for the Mets starting wright: A+ Reyes: A- Beltran: B+ Delgado: b+ murphy: B castillo: C+ church: B Schneider: B- sheffield: INC 

Emily Doran

  • Division Winners AL East: Boston Red Sox Central: Cleveland Indians West: Los Angeles Angels
  • NL East: NY Mets Central: Chicago Cubs West: LA Dodgers
  • 2) NL East Standings: New York Mets Atlanta Braves Philadelphia Phillies Florida Marlins Washington Nationals

Maybe a bold prediction to say that the Braves will come out ahead of the 2008 World Champions this year. But it’s a new team this year, and I think there’s a whole new passion and energy that comes along with it.

  • AL MVP: Justin Morneau NL MVP: Albert Pujols
  • AL CY Young: Roy Halladay NL CY Young: Johan Santana
  • AL Least Valuable Pitcher : CC Sabathia NL Least Valuable Pitcher: Ollie Perez

Tony Agnese

  • Division Winners AL EAST: Yankees AL CENTRAL: White Sox AL WEST: Angels
  • ALDS: Yankees over White Sox (3-1) ALDS: Angels over Red Sox (3-2) ALCS: Yankees over Red Sox (4-3)
  • MVP: Miguel Cabrera Cy Young: AJ Burnett LVP: Torii Hunter LVPitcher: Carl Pavano
  • NL EAST: Mets Phillies Marlins Braves Nationals NL CENTRAL Cubs NL WEST Giants
  • NLDS: Cubs over Phillies (3-2) NLDS: Mets over Dodgers (3-1) NLCS: Mets over Cubs (4-3)WS: Mets over Yankees (4-3)
  • MVP: Manny Ramirez Cy Young: Johan Santana LVP: Aaron Rowand LVPitcher: Oliver Perez
  • Johan Santana (21-6/2.45 ERA/240 K’s) A+ Mike Pelfrey (15-10/3.40 ERA/110 K’s) B+ Oliver Perez (13-13/4.70 ERA/180 K’s)C- John Maine (12-9/4.30 ERA/140 K’s) B- Livan Hernandez (10-8/4.20 ERA/110 K’s) B-
  • Jose Reyes (.311/15 HR’s/70 RBI/55 SB’s) A
  • Daniel Murphy (.300/13 HR’s/65 RBI) B+
  • David Wright (.315/35 HR’s/115 RBI/15 SB’s) A+
  • Carlos Delgado (.270/40 HR’s/120 RBI) A+
  • Carlos Beltran (.283/35 HR’s/110 RBI)/25 SB’s) A
  • Ryan Church (.280/25 HR’s/80 RBI) B
  • Brian Schneider (.260/10 HR’s/55 RBI) C
  • Luis Castillo (.270/3 HR’s/40 RBI/20 SB’s) C

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