Monday rainy day ranting… and ranting ….and ranting

Hmmm... looks a little like the Mets' snow whites doesn't it?

I try not to beat dead horses, but the administrative offices of my faaaaaaavorite baseball team are basically a giant dead Belmont racetrack. I know the Wilpons made green with their non entertainment oriented efforts, but their feel for the everyday fan, overall judgment in matters not financial (Madoff aside) and faith in the wrong people are staggering. There are a few points I want to bring up and I’m eager to hear your opinions.



  • Lack of Mets propaganda at the new park. I’m not going to get much deeper into this one, but I’ve already made my thoughts well known on this blog. I’m not alone in wanting the Dodger uniform out of my baseball home. Mets Police have been monitoring the situation from the beginning and feels the new statements by the team are a smokescreen for them not having a plan in place and now scramble for one.

Screw Pee Wee Reese... we want Dwight!

Leave Dwight Gooden’s signature on the wall you fools! Dwight wins his first game in years for the team by inventing this great idea/ fan attraction and they want to wipe it off. Seriouslly…wipe it off. The Met’s second best pitcher ever signs the wall of a new park (one that is getting chastised for not having Met stuff in it) and you’re going to wipe-it-off. Not invite other stars to sign in the same spot… you’re going to wipe-it-off. Good deal.

What a group of uncreative souls. Fred is managing to O’Malley the team and alienate his entire fan base without moving them more than a few feet.

  • Dave Howard- In case you’re not familiar with the Mets’ version of Igor.. let me introduce you to him. This is the man that makes many PR calls on behalf of the Wilpons. He’s the Vice President in charge of making the fans enraged and sharpening the microscope on Fred & Jeff. Back in 1994, The Mets promoted the business minded Howard to take over for both Ed Lynch & Jack Diller. It was at that point that they replaced a baseball man’s duties (Lynch) with an out of touch corporate machine.

    Yankee Fan Dave Howard

Since then, instead of helping guide the Wilpons into good PR choices, he’s angrily opposed the fan’s will on multiple occasions and expressed an unwillingness or inability to save Fred from himself. He makes the Wilpons a lot of money, but thinks of the fans as variables and numbers. He is responsible for disrespecting the Met fan by not having Mets oriented stuff at Citi (Citi is his baby), he is in some way personally responsible for debacles like Lucas Prada’s ill fated Mets anthem, the daily booing of Sweet Caroline every home game, the elimination of Old Timers Game (check when the last one was), not pleading with the Wilpons to block moves that allowed many of our stars to become Yankees in the 90’s, rubbing the Dodgers in the Mets fans faces with this new park (Fred is a Dodger fan, but you can’t tell me he knew every bit of what was going into or not going into that park), the lying over obstructed view seats, ushers not taking bribes during the last few years at Shea (don’t laugh.. this was the only way Mets fans could smell the box seats), not giving SNY access to many classic Met games (I know this from talking to someone WAY up in SNY), years of Fran Healy, ordering Charlie Samuels to screw up the Mets uniforms (I’m sure it wasn’t phrased that way), The Mercury Mets… shall I go on?

Dave Howard is not available to fans or anybody in the media unless it’s a very well structured press conference. He has no public e-mail, no fan liaison and no phone number. It’s quite literally easier to get Omar & Fred himself on the phone than Howard. I believe that if Jesus rose from the dead in the middle of Citi field, Dave would have Horowitz run out, switch his Mets cap to a black one and then avoid him. The man avoids criticism at all costs and is only now starting to get the attention he so richly deserves. Hey Dave.. Met Nation knows your name now!  The pope of WFAN had a rare go at Howard a few days ago and let him off the hook after an promising start. For many fans, this was the first time since 94′ you’ve heard his voice.

I know the Mets are aware of this blog…. Dave, the floor is yours! Met fans want you to step to the plate and explain yourself.

  • Runners left in scoring position – Jerry had a plan to have his hitters do the 80 pitch drill all spring.The problem was all their best hitters weren’t there the whole spring. Gee I wonder where they were and who allowed them to go? Hmmmmmmmmm 
    Fred… I said send me all your best players! What? What? Did I hear back-talk? I didn’t think so…

    Posted By Nik Kolidas 


5 responses to “Monday rainy day ranting… and ranting ….and ranting

  1. Like the All-Star game, noted as the mid way point in the season, I wish that baseball would implement – An “It’s officially time to be concerned about things as it is NOT too early” Point. At what point do team issues become a concern. As far as Dwight and the stadium, I could give a rat’s ass if they keep it or not – hopefully, it will devastate him – in the same way that he did us.

  2. wow. i don’t even know what to say. i love when people push the envelope like this. i would love to see someone representing the Mets try to answer these points, but that’s only in a dream world.

    i’m somewhat new to your blog – how do you know the Mets are aware of it?

    come to my site and cast your vote on my poll asking if you’re surprised at the criticism of Citi Field.

  3. Basically I’ve been a troublemaker in Wilpon land for a while now. I got mad enough to get involved during the Lucas Prada song debacle (I started a petition and barraged the Mets daily until it was gone) and I found I liked the idea of having a voice in something I spend a lot of time thinking about (all be it a small one in a sea of Met fans).

    I worked for MLB Trade Rumors for a while and then blasted a press release out about this blog being started (the Mets got a copy). I’m lucky enough to have teamed up with great people, so off we go! I’ve gotten just enough emails from people around the team to know that they’re aware.

    The Mets would never talk direct to a fan… ever. I saw Dave Howard at the St Johns game and he wouldn’t even talk to me face to face.

    I voted in your poll… nice site. You’d love this post

    I’m not surprised Citi has gotten criticism because the Wilpons can’t tie their shoes without pissing someone off. They built a baseball palace, but the PR machine from hell can’t even work with a jewel like Citi. They HAD to do the Dodgers thing at nauseam; they HAD to ignore Mets history; they are simply not satisfied just making something great and moving on. Bill Cosby had a great line once about serving someone a steak on a garbage can lid. This reminds me of it a little…

    I had great reviews of Citi right after I went the first couple of times… I just assumed by opening day the “other stuff” would be fixed. I mean… how could it not right?

  4. that was a good post you sent me to. i’ll check out the rest of archives later. I’m really wondering how long this criticism will last (will it go away in the next 10 days, or will it last a couple years?). since i saw some of the details of Citi Field (or as I call it, Chez Amazin’), like the Country Club names on the seating chart, i starting thinking that they just don’t get it. that’s the nicest thing i’ve said about the Wilpons in a long time. I will give them credit for one thing – with all the Dodgers, including being greeted in a Mets team store by Jackie Robinson t-shirts, there are some elements of the Giants from the Polo Grounds. it wasn’t the 500ft Center Field that I wanted to see, but there’s something to try to balance it.

    keep reading my blog. i’ll be at the game Saturday for my first real game experience since the final weekend at Shea, and should have a review of the real game experience at the new Chez.

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