Mets make a bad PR choice, Fans (me included) overreact, Wilpons back off… rinse wash repeat

Matt from Metsblog had this one right:

“…i swear, this could only happen to the Mets


…i understand the team not wanting to encourage people to write all over the walls in their new stadium… so, they should take their cue from gooden, and either keep the autograph where it is, or erase it and have him sign a new, designated section in the ballpark, be it by the old apple, the bullpens, the Mo’s Zone, whatever, and begin a tradition of current, former and future players tagging the wall like a fraternity… the Mets should embrace the idea, and go with it… instead, it feels like they’re fighting the fans, and so they come off sounding like a teacher lecturing students about not writing on the desk…

You're going to wash it off? I'm comin' Liz'beth

“It feels like they’re fighting the fans” That’s a great line to describe the approach ownership has toward the fans and in true NY fashion, the fans dish it back 100 times harder. Really, is there anything worse you can do to a New Yorker besides disrespect them or their interests?

Anyhow… Signature-gate is over as the Mets backed off. For once, it would be nice to have the right thing done without Met Nation needing to have a coronary. Guys… you need to start building some good will!!! Also, thank Dwight because this wall idea is brilliant and he unknowingly started it.

Met Nation is Always Watching



A few hits with RISP wouldn’t hurt either….

Posted By Nik Kolidas


4 responses to “Mets make a bad PR choice, Fans (me included) overreact, Wilpons back off… rinse wash repeat

  1. Though IMO writing on the wall was, not a good thing to do, how would it be if we all carried sharpies and wrote on walls?

    With that said I am glad they are going to cut the wall out, move it to make an autograph wall.

    Brilliant move? You can bet he did it unknowingly!

    Too bad the Mets didnt cave to media/fan pressure with Manny!

  2. I hear you… with Manny we’d have a few more wins for sure.

    I think the teams fear that everyone would write on the walls is pretty paranoid. It WAS Dwight Gooden after all…

  3. If Fred would just get out of the way and do logical things then all our players would have had spring training, we’d have Mets stuff in the park and everyone would be happy.

    Kay… I honestly believe this team has the roster to win a title and create a little “love”. They just need to relax and perform like their baseball cards…

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